Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Samurai Flamenco Episode 13 "Eve of the Decisive Battle" Preview Images and Synopsis

The Flamengers have won the first ever National Hero Award, and now every Japanese citizen is pinning their hopes on them. But after repeatedly fighting From Beyond's minions, one day all the Mysterious Beings just disappear. They seem to have just given up their "Take over Japan" plan. It's looking like an omen for From Beyond to go forward with an all out offensive, so the Flamengers start planning their counter strategy, but there's an unexpected impedement that may put an end to all of this.

After last time, I started to worry that the show's change in direction to straight laced sentai and seeming shelving of most of it's previous cast in favor of a host of stereotypes was it being under the impression that having a first half that lovingly mocked the kid who never grew out of his superhero fantasy idea meant that making a straightforward toku show would be building back up what it had previously tried to break down. If that was true, we'd be stuck with the new guys while all the cool kids like Goto got to do all the fun stuff where we don't get to see. But the summary and Goto and Mari being in the pictures gives me hope that we're gearing up for another heavy switch.

Adding to that is the crew. Hideyuki Kurata is screenwriting. We've got another full house of animation directors, Masaki Takasaka and Akio or Michio Hasegawa returning with , , and coming in for the first time, but the other two are a point of interest. The storyboarder is Eiji Suganuma, and the Director is Yusuke Onoda. Both of them are coming back from Episode 6, the one where a cash prize is put on Samurai Flamenco's head and his heroic mettle is tested when he saves a guy who was trying to turn him in from falling off a building. You know, when the show was still grounded. So maybe this a sign for another sharp turn. I hope so.

(Images from (c) Fuji TV, Aniplex, Manglobe, and Project Samumenco)
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