Monday, January 13, 2014

Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #02

Let's do a team profile since the National tournament is not yet started. First off, it's the Eisui Girls' High School where it's composed of mikos (or priestesses).

Representing Kagoshima Prefecture, it's lead by Komaki Jindai. While she's reported to have the same monstrous level as Teru, Komaki is situated as a vanguard so it would be bad for "Tacos" Yuuki when she face this ominous priestess!

On the other hand, it's Pro Fujitaand she's back to play mahjong, together with Saki and THE Koromo!

Unfortunately for some reason, seems that Touka has joined the party. And no, she's not the usual Toukait's her alter-ego named "Cold Touka". While the normal Touka goes with her fiery emotions, Cold Touka does not.

In fact, she manipulates the flow of the game which brings down Pro Fujita, Saki, and Koromo. Too bad that Touka will pass out and won't remember a thing after the match! That's sucks

Meanwhile, Nodoka's middle-school friend named Maho Yumeno is making a splash on this episode! Maybe she would potentially join Kiyosumi next year if she has that awesome performance!

Well anyways, I hope next week is the start of the tournament. Y'know, I'm itching for some epic mahjong!
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