Friday, January 3, 2014

rock on

holidays really have a way of messing up with my concept of time. i wasn't sure what day of the week it was. i suppose i shouldn't complain. it is nice to have some time off from work. i love my job but some downtime is nice.

i have attempted to study today and i am working through '' and reading through it is helping make some sense of grammar in german. i thought french grammar was complicated and then i started german

my friend returned from her trip from hong kong and macau and she gave me a copy of 'the little prince' in portuguese. i guess i should admit that i am also trying to learn portuguese. brazilian portuguese to be more precise. this has come about because of the brazilians i have come into contact with. it is not a priority language, but it is still fun. i mentioned in an earlier that i wanted to finish the 'living language complete german course' but that hasn't gone according to plan. hopefully once i have a better understanding of the grammar then i can finish the book.

tomorrow i will be meeting up with my host family. my host family couldn't celebrate new years properly as my host sister wasn't feeling well this week. we are going to do some of the typical japanese new years celebrations. i am really looking forward to it. we will be going to one of my favourite temples in fukui. we are going towhich can be translated as eternal peace temple. it is a famous zen buddhist temple in the world. i have been there a few times and i am looking forward to the visit tomorrow. the temple is aptly named because one cannot help but feel a sense of tranquility come over them as they walk through the temple. unfortunately most of the snow in fukui has melted so there won't be many winter landscape photos. nonetheless it will still be a great time out. spending time with my host family is great and i have been able to experience so much with them which has made my time in japan more special.

last year my host mom and sister took me to a tiny island off the coast. i can't quite remember the name, but it was near an island famed for being haunted. this haunted island is calledoshima and it is said to be haunted because it is the location of an old cemetery. we had planned to visit the island but unfortunately the bridge was under repairs so we could not go. the alternative was just as good a treat though. here is a picture from that visit:

i will get the name of the place and show you some of my other pictures i took from that day.

now to attempt round two of my german studies. ich muss deutsch lernen.

licht und liebe an euch alle

('rock on' is performed by freeland and is taken from the album '')
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