Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Odd Bits. On Captain Phillips, Protests in Kiev, and King Leonidas

Hello, gals and guys. I don't have too much for you today, just an odd bit of news and opinion.

I watched last night with the wife. The movie isn't bad, but it sure as hell isn't an 8.1 on a 10 scale, which is what it's pulling on Rotten Tomatoes. Too many reality gaps for my tastes. For example, why did the SEALs parachute in? They could have landed via helicopter on the Bainbridge's flight deck. And did all the SEAL have to pass a beauty test? They didn't look like the guys I worked with in the Navy. To add insult to injury, the end was a bit too drawn out. The rescue could have been done ten minutes sooner, and the emotional watch-Tom-act scene at the end was painfully boring.

I don't remember seeing her in The 300.

How about those crazy Ukrainians? Protests in Kiev continued for the third day. Stuff burned, police fired rubber bullets, and people got hurt. Seems the citizens want closer ties with the European Union, but President Viktor Yanukovych wants to move closer to the Soviet Union Russia. It's the ultimate between a rock and a hard place thing. Join the Soviet Union Russia, and you might once again become a totalitarian state. Join the EU and you have to use the Euro. Tough choice.

Just found in the "Who'd a Thunk it?" pile (I'm not even sure if that capitalization is correct). The 300 will have a sequel. I mean, I thought King Leonidas and his army of several thousand--yeah there were more than the 300 Spartans there--kind of met the ultimate sequel-free end. I understand that the war continued, but certainly what happened in Thermopylae stayed in Thermopylae. But I'm wrong. There will be a sequel that follows the remainder of the war. Titled 3, it will NOT be directed by Zak Snyder, so who-the-hell cares anyway?

And Richard Sherman is still a pampered, self-entitled, emotionally undisciplined jerk.

See you tomorrow.
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