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Nobunagun Episode 1 and 2 Review: Pyscho Moe Girl is Oda Nobunaga


Nobunagun is basically about past historians being reborn hundreds of years late to fight against the aliens that are attacking Earth. But lets backtrack. The story revolves around Shio Ogura a typical High School Girl who seems to be in love with war and anything relating to it. She has toy guns and things like that all over her bedroom. On this day she has dream featuring Nobunaga and it seems like complete chaos until she wakes up. Then she goes to school and on this day she is going on a field trip all the way to Taiwan. From here on its pretty typical until a fighter jet blows up some of the city and then Giant Aliens attack from the sky. But before this Ogura makes a friend in Asao who invites her to go inside of what loks like a giant samurai statue but she declines. When the aliens attack Ogura sees some Asao's friends and she asks them where Asao is but the don't know. At this point this organization send out E Gene holders who have the DNA of famous people who lived years ago. So they send out the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. This dude looks pretty epic with the color scheme of this anime. He forms a giant blade on his arm and goes in on these aliens. At some point he gets stabbed in the chest by smaller aliens and cant mobilize like he was before. Ogura finds Asao who near Jack. Jack drops his E Gene sphere that allows him to transform and Ogura picks it up. The Big Rabbit in a suit asks her what kind of weapon would she like to fight with since she is the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga and she picks a gun. She also says that her code name will be Nobunagun and the anime ends at her holding this giant gun on her. It think this will be a good series and I hope it gets more than 12 episodes. 24 to 26 at the most is what I expect. I think people will like this series especially sine Ogura is a high school loli and moe girl who also has a madman side to her. I know I like it.


This episode starts out with people being killed by the smaller aliens and Ogura going in win her big ass gun. She tells Jack to go help the civilians but he's injured and she says that he can do it because he's no mere human. At this point its safe to say that Ogura is becoming a badass one step at a time. Jack gets up and saves Asao and Ogura is having trouble killing the aliens. Jack points out that she's just rapid firing and the recoil is jerking her arm. Its funny that she loves guns yet can't really use them in action. Ogura's teacher comes looking for them but a alien comes straight towards him ready to kill but Issac Newton the female comes and stomps it with her size 96 moon boots. Then she says 5 g and its like sound waves just killed the alien. It was very colorful. Ghandi shows up and it seems his power is to block but I bet it can do more.Ghandi gets Jack and Asao to a safe place while Newton and Ogura fight of the aliens. Ogura has a smart plan to have Newton use her boots on her that allows what ever she stomps to become heavier. This allows Ogura to use her gun without recoil and she blast these aliens to DEATH!. But some aliens are coming from the side so she has a flashback from Oda Nobunaga giving a lecture of having two lines of riflemen two attack and keep up defense. So Ogura pulls out a second and smaller gun from her first one and goes in. This isn't enough so she pulls out another gun that shoots from like a mask on her left eye and goes n again. She calls it The Nobunaga Three-Line Valley. While she's fucking she it she's smiling and its safe to say that she a bloodthirsty killer. Someone give her bloodthirsty medal now because she has played a lot of Black Ops 2. She took out 202 aliens. Fuck Goku.So this is all over and Taiwan is recovering while Ogura goes back to Japan with her class. DOGOO wants her to join them yet she is thinking it over.It is explained to the whole world what DOGOO is and what they are going up against. Countries are getting behind them at this point. Ogura goes to see Asao in the hospital and Asao reminds me of myself. She says that thanks to al of this stuff the television shows I like aren't on TV. I would be mad as hell if this happened to me and then Toonami didn't come on TV. I would riot in the streets. So the objective of these aliens or Invasion Objects is to take over the ecosystem for themselves. After a talk with Asao Ogura finally decides to join DOGOO and then it ends. This was a great episode. Better than episode one and I can't wait for episode 3. What I like about this series is that the animation and the way they do it is great. everything seems fresh and colorful and I love it. I will be back next Sunday with another review so goodbye for now. See ya!
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