Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Resolution

As a general rule I have never been one to make New Years resolutions. This is entirely due to the fact that I have never actually been able to stick to one for longer than a week. On a related note, I have started several blogs in my life and never had the motivation to keep them going for much longer than a month. Based on my history with resolutions and blogs, it seems like a terrible idea to start this blog as my New Years resolution, but here we are. When people talk about writing a blog, the first piece of advice is always to pick something you're passionate about. It's likely that my life as a blogger never picked up because I've never found anything to actually feel passionate about. I like things, sure; some of them I might even love; but I've never felt passion. Passion is something I've never felt toward any person or cause, and I suppose that's why I find it so hard to fathom. I can't imagine feeling so strongly about something that I would dedicate my life to it. While I have never felt anything as powerful as passion, I've heard good things. People who have found their passion have a purpose, and their happiness seems to be so much more than just skin deep. That is a feeling I want in my life. That's why my resolution for the year is to find that passion. I want to try all of the things that I've ever wanted to try, despite the fact that they have always seemed so out of reach. I want to try yoga, photography, video editing, kickboxing, and whatever else catches my eye. I'm going to find my passion and create a life that will make me feel happy and fulfilled. I'm going to try everything and ignore the fact that I'm terrified of failure, because that fear has been holding me back for far too long. This year I'm going to create myself, and write about it all, because I've always wanted to be a writer and nothing is stopping me now.
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