Thursday, January 9, 2014


On the 20th of december before the holiday period i went to swindon M.E.C.A (Music Entertainment Cultural Area) invited by them to take images to help promote their business here are a few images i have worked on.

to the left is a photo i have only altered level and overlaid an edited image i took of a M.E.C.A sign in the establishment, i could have used typography but i like the idea that the whole image is something that i have done rather than using a random text its from M.E.C.A itself, spread at a diagonal angle as the audience was in the way and i didn't want to crop past the people as i felt it diminished the image and doing this gives it a poster/leaflet feel

to the right is a similar image taken behind the metal bar where only two photographers where allowed to go at a time so i was closer which allowed for a more dramatic shot of the gentleman playing his guitar i also added a green gradient filter to add to this effect, the difference between the two images i think is the left is more dynamic and the right being more atmospheric

They had a mirror ball in the ceiling and i love reflection and light so i really like this image they didn't have lights like they usually do right next to the mirror ball rather they had them directed from the stage which gave the light coming of the 3000 little mirrors a completely different effect on the walls and ceiling. putting the M.E.C.A image over it again using luminosity rather than over lay gave it something different to the other versions of it being overlaid, i also duplicated the layer and overlaid that onto to enrich the colours.

i have a couple more images that need work as well as i these will most likely be having more done to them but I'm quite happy with the results of my first gig shoot i hope that M.E.C.A are too
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