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Materials with a choice of materials for curtains you can not make a mistake. Transparent and trans

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Materials with a choice of materials for curtains you can not make a mistake. Transparent and translucent, dense and light or heavy and rich are just a small part of a wide array of different types of fabric that is offered on the market and available to everyone. If you have a small space it is better to choose a translucent curtain of bright or bright colors that will enter your room in natural light while large rooms tolerate monsoon everything. monsoon Play around with two types of fabric: transparent environment for stronger and thicker at the ends.

Samples Although samples may be very interesting, it is necessary to adjust them n m stand accessories and details of your home, such as pillows, vases and carpets. If your interior is simple, dark colors or a monohroman, put curtains with stripes, dots and floral prints in fresh colors. But if the room but the government print play it safe and choose a monochrome curtains or those just visible pattern monsoon in color that will blend with some details of the room.

Colors Just as with clothing when it comes to decorating the space bright colors are very popular this year. Orange, green, purple and yellow - are just some of the colors that will blend perfectly with wood, smooth, lacquered glass and metal surfaces in your home. But not potcenjujte white color because it is back in a big way, so in a small room in an instant enter a touch of elegance and can be combined with decors with a pattern or a fervent color. And pastel colors in earthy tones are welcome especially for large areas ruled by wooden furniture.

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