Thursday, January 2, 2014

Legend of the Blue Wolves

Last night, I finally got to watching Legend of the Blue Wolves. It wasn't great, definitely. It's incomplete unfortunately, and I knew that, but I underestimated it. Now, I wish there was more, pretty badly(sorta, much more than when I first started).

*WARNING: There is rape. Bad, gross rape.* more detail on that further/later on, but I'll just say exactly why it's bad. It's because the rapist is a gross, ugly, very fat, perverted, pig of a superior that abuses his authority.

*ADDITIONAL WARNING: It's uncensored.*

(First post of the year, and this is what it turns out to be about, yaoi. And rape.)

Saying this upfront. I did NOT watch it for the story. I watched it for the sex...and got more than I bargained for, ick. I was hoping for more sexy time between Jonathan Tyberius and Leonard Schteinberg. OK, I was actually watching it for the voices, the seiyuu. Koyasu Takehito voices Jonathan and Morikawa Toshiyuki voices Leonard. They both have nice, low, deep voices. >w<

I did read the page for this anime before but I didn't heed the warnings. I thought that it couldn't be that bad, and boy was I wrong. I should have paid more attention and read to the end. I did put off watching this anime for years however. Now, I've watched so that's over and done with. I did wash out the bad aftertaste by watching another yaoi anime, though with more rape.

According to tvtropes, there woulda been 3 more episodes, if the company didn't go bankrupt. Bummer. Tease. At least there would have been more, unlike hentai, where most series end this way, where it feels like there should be more but there really isn't and there won't, ever.

Even so, if you still want to watch it, feel free.

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