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Jap Stuff Part 3: Mangas and Updates

This will be the last part of the stuff I bought in Japan. It will be about the mangas I bought... Though I can't understand Japanese, I bought the mangas namely to support the series. For the mangas I bought that are in Japanese, I tend to do that due to the fact that I know they are unlikely to be translated... So, from the overview of the stuff I bought, you would see that I bought a total of 5 mangas. They are MGLN innocent volume 2, Persona 4 volumes I and VIII, and Tales Of world Radiant Mythology 3 Volumes 3 and 4.

MGLN innocent Volumes 1 and 2

There's not much to say about MGLN innocent since the chapters are slowly been translated online and also, the chapters in the 2nd volume are very much read or seen by others by now.

Persona 4 manga from I to VIII

As for Persona 4 manga, there is a slight difference I notice in the latest volume; volume VIII. People who had played Persona 4 Golden would know that the Junes concert event only happened in Golden and this manga actually covered on it!

Scene where the casts brought the musical instruments they have

And, as expected of Yosuke when he took that musical instrument...

He started thinking of using it as his weapons when fighting shadows

The band is set up in position!

Again, as expected the training isn't well done...

This is the part where both Chie and Yukiko are finally understood how their musical instruments can be played...(If I'm not wrong...)

Setting up the concert venue

Practising their musical performance

In here, I must say that thinking of practising in the TV world is quite a good idea, considering the fact that this will not cause any disturbance especially at night!

After many practices, the group is ready to take the stage!

Showing Chie and Yukiko's performance

Next up is Souji and Yosuke

Followed by Rise singing

Kanji on the Drums

And Naoto on the keybroad(sorry for the blur image...)

In this scene, Taro Namatame is presented. As to why Adachi has such a reaction...Well, it is up to the readers to think...

Knowing how the event ended, yeah, this is the scene. When the audience asked for an encore that the group never expected, Teddie went and jumped in the crowd. Of course, as a teddy bear(even though he is large), the audience would lift him up like any soft toy but not the boys... Seeing how Teddie pull out that stunt, the boys actually jumped and ended up like this except for Souji of course...Sigh...

Last on the list, Tales Of World Radiant Mythology 3 Manga.

From volumes 1 to 4

There are a total of 4 volumes with volume 4 as the ending volume. I bought this manga, partly due to the fact that I could not play the game... Also, I want to support this manga and hoping there will be Tales Of World Radiant Mythology 4! In addition, this author is the same one who did Tales Of world Radiant Mythology 2 manga though I prefer Tales Of world Radiant Mythology 2 art instead of 3.

As for Tales Of world Radiant Mythology 1, not sure whether is it the same author but I think not. Btw, it is quite hard to put all Tales characters in a manga so I kinda feel amazed that the author managed to include most characters!

That's the showcase of the Japanese manga I have and bought from Japan. They are quite expensive in my country so buying them in Japan is the best. This time, I didn't buy any Japanese magazines due to the fact that in a few days from the day I left Japan, the next monthly magazine will be out... It'll be a waste to buy, knowing a new one is coming out next... Though if my local bookstore has the newest magazine I want, I may consider buying and post any juicy info on any upcoming anime or existing manga.

Moving on to updates! I said before that I am working on my weaponery. I kinda in the stage of completing the final touch of my keyblade and it should be done by next week!

The chain for the end of the keyblade- near completion!

A little bit of some touch-ups and it should be done!

Some character designs that I had done in 2013 and they have already been uploaded in Deviantart! Each character assumes a different role from each other. (For the Wolf Boy, I know that I had uploaded before but it was incompleted without a name and now thinking much, I decided on Kiba...)

Wolf Boy-Kiba

Knight-Sir Luke

Gundam Pilot Sora

Also, another drawing I did: (I had finished but now isn't the time to upload it yet...)

I think that's all for this post though I like to take this time to introduce an upcoming anime that seem...Nice?It's called Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei. Not sure whether is it nice since I have not read the light novel yet... It just seem nice from the uniform and characters inside... With that, I'll end it now! See all in the next post! Ja ne, this is Will signing off!

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