Friday, January 24, 2014

Health Transformation Challenge: Day 19

Today was a very exciting day for me.I don't feel much different, but I decided to try on the clothes I wore in my Day 1 Health Transformation Challenge photo .To my disbelief (truly - I didn't believe it), my body is transforming and I didn't even realize it.Whoa!I had no idea I would see results this quickly.It gave me a HUGE boost at CrossFit today and I felt so energized that I was actually making a difference without losing weight.I feel like I am getting closer to my goal and it feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!I used to get those feelings when I was losing weight, but now that I have been maintaining for a couple years, I haven't had that kind of a rush in a while.So, I sent my husband and my coach a picture, I showed my kiddos (this said I didn't have as many bumps anymore) and now, I am unveiling the picture to y'all:

Can you believe that?I couldn't.I still can't; I just keep staring at it.THIS is what I needed to keep going to all those insane workouts and make all my other healthy choices about sleep, food, stress, etc.I don't know why anyone would pass-up this Challenge - it's awesome and it's free!

Anyways...On to today's challenge.Today's challenge was about fundamental, primary and secondary choices.When I first went through the program, this was an eye opener for me because it seemed so basic, yet I ignored every bit of it for the longest time.We're talking about our super power "choice."That power may be defined as something you can choose to do or something you choose not to do, but it's within your control to choose either.

A fundamental choice is one involving our well being.The choice to get, be or stay healthy is a fundamental choice.Personally, that is a big fundamental choice.I also have fundamental choices about raising my boys to be honorable men and keeping my marriage strong.

A primary choice is one that creates our habits and goals.I choose daily to exercise, eat well, de-stress and get quality sleep.Those habits support my long term goal to be healthy.I also make primary choices about disciplining and loving my children in a consistent way and supporting and loving my husband as best I can.

A secondary choice are those choices that support the primary choices.In health, I choose to eat breakfast daily and drink lots of water, try hard at CrossFit to do my best, keep the same bedtime and allow time for relaxation.By all means, I am not perfect at any of those things and I never get it 100% of the time.BUT I do try and those tries add up over time and outweigh my missteps.I also have secondary choices like going to bed every night with my husband, whether I am tired or not, and discussing and educating my kiddos about the importance of character and choices when the opportunities arise.

These little exercises certainly are building on one another.I love that I keep my goals in mind every day as I go through these exercises... And it is fun to continue getting healthier every day!

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