Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Favourite Films from the stars of Last Vegas

I saw Last Vegas yesterday so to honour the stars of the film I thought I'd give my favourite films each actor has been.


Now honestly I have not seen a lot of his films at all, or at least not a lot that makes a lasting impression. (Sorry Kevin Kline!) But there is one film that he's in - or at least his voice is in it - that I do truly love. This is probably one of my favourite animated films, it's funny, the characters are great and I just love the story.


I know Robert Di Nero is famous for having roles as a hard man or a gangster but my favourite film I've ever seen him in has got to be . Partly because it's a completely different type of character you'd think Di Nero would play but also because it's a great film. It's all about friendship and magic and adventure.


Is there any other role for Michael Douglas but that of Gordon Gekko in the movies? I think the second one was pretty good considering it's probably one of the longest gaps between films in history. I liked how Gekko's character developed between one film and the next while still retaining that charm and killer instinct.


Out of these four actors I've definitely seen more films starring Morgan Freeman than the other three put together. There's so many films I could talk about; Se7en, The Shawshank Redemption, Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. But it'll have to be the first film I ever saw him in - . Say what you like about that movie but I love it. I love Morgan Freeman as Azeem and his relationship with Robin Hood and the rest of the band of outlaws. It's just a fun film, great fight sequences and is topped with the perfect amount of humour.
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