Friday, January 3, 2014

Collections: PART 1: Coloring & Activity Books

This year, I've decided to do a series on my collections (I have quite a few!). You might not have known that coloring books are not made exclusively for children. There are coloring books that medical students use in their college courses and other books that are much too complicated and detailed for younger children to color.

Even as a child, I enjoyed the more complicated coloring books, and it all started with a Peterson Field Guide book to Reptiles and Amphibians. Sometimes I'd trace the small animals and make my own scene or color them in with untraditional colors. Since then, I've acquired several Peterson Field guide coloring books, including Birds, Butterflies, Dinosaurs (which is awesome!!), Mammals, and shells. Even if you bought one and a pack of crayola fine tip markers, you'd be surprised by how relaxing and fun it can be. Not to mention, you'd learn a lot about anatomy, animals, natural science, and more aboutdifferent topics.

I love this one; the Anatomy book, recommended to me from a student who was taking anatomy courses.The visuals make great embroidery patterns too!

I started coloring in the tooth diagram.

These pages are in "The Coloring Book for Grown ups"

I tend to find the best coloring and activity books in museum gift shops, Michaels, the flea market, and from individual artist who make their own. There was one book I regretfully didn't buy;an 80's coloring book of Ocean County, New Jersey history. I didn't like that some of the pages had already been colored. It's a rare find; I have yet to locate it online. The modern art coloring book below was purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts.

The Klimt and Dali pages are my favorites.

This is the newest addition to the collection:local inventor, creator, and visionary Richie Brown just finished his own activity book and it is SOOOOG O O D!

You can buy your own at his art show next Saturday in Asbury Park. For more details, visit the facebook .
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