Friday, January 3, 2014

Arch Enemy : ShortVery Short Story

Yesterday, as the snow came floating down, my first thought was, " Yes, finally a good snow".The weather reports stated that Putnam Co. should receive 2of accumulation by morning. My second thought was, " Kids are going to be listening closely for school closing." Then I heard it, the infamous sound of a snow plow. Children everywhere, that get snow that is, may think of this man as public enemy number one. Him and the evil dentist.

Imagine yourself as a child, and to your delight the snow is coming down in sheets. Oh the joy of a possible day without school!You look out the window, daring the snow to come down in greater quality. What is this? You notice yellow blinking lights off in the distance. To your horror, a snow plow comes into focus. So much for a day off!Just then your mother, from a loud voice down the hall, informs you about your dentist appointment after school. Life is hard for little ones, or so they might think.
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