Sunday, October 20, 2013


This game-derived series was another favourite of last season, though it apparently received mixed reactions. I enjoy observing game adaptations, so I managed to overlook the main faults and enjoy the ride.

The setup is a survival game at a sealed school run by a psychopathic robot bear (voiced by Doraemon). To escape one must murder another student and avoid being convicted (and executed) in the following "classroom trial". While the students start off wary and reluctant to participate, the body count rises pretty quickly.

I understand that the original game is a mystery/courtroom adventure in the vein of Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright), and the adaptation has trouble dropping clues on the audience - there are lots of weird twists that are impossible to work out yourself. Additionally, there are all sorts of animations taken from the game, which can seem tacky and weird to those unfamiliar.

I enjoyed the final series of twists and would welcome a second season (apparently there is another game).
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