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On Cancelled TV Series and POM

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! :)

It's a pretty festive start of the week for me, thank you for the long weekend. Were you guys able to start the week by practicing your right to vote? I know this might sound irresponsible, but I didn't vote for anyone today. I didn't have enough grounds of who to vote, plus I found out that neither of the candidates are actually sincere on what they are doing (one of them is vote buying, the other has been a barangay official for the longest time and has been known to explicitly take the budget for our place for his own good). Anyway, I hope that you guys have a better system in your place.

So, you might actually wonder what's the title all about. I was randomly browsing tumblr today (as usual) when I came across a photo of one of the best series I have ever watched, which is unfortunately cancelled after their second season (and that suck big time). I kind of went through my heartbreaking list of shows I wish was never cancelled, thus, posting this with the hopes of finding fellow heartbroken fans everywhere.

1. PUSHING DAISIES (2007-2009)

The series is basically about Ned (Lee Pace) the Pie-maker and his power extraordinaire of bringing the dead back to life with just one touch. Unfortunately, his gift comes with a price -- if he reanimates the dead for more than a minute, another life would be taken to regain the balance of nature. He could not also touch the dead once more, for it would permanently take away the energy that he has brought back. He manages a business with Emerson (Chi McBride), who is also his partner-in-crime with their detective gigs -- reanimating the dead to find out the truth. He eventually finds himself with the biggest challenge of his life when he revives his childhood love, Chuck (Anna Friel), knowing that he may never touch her ever again, despite his undying love for her.

The series is a little frustrating, especially knowing the fact that the characters could never touch again. But I guess that is also what makes the series click -- that unlike most shows where love is shown through kisses and making love, Pushing Daisies actually exhibits the fact that the sweetest acts are could also be simplest, such as holding hands and loving gazes.

Pushing Daisies was eventually cancelled by ABC after its second season in 2009. Despite its nominations (and bragging two titles) in the 2008 Emmy Awards, the viewership decline was too huge that the network decided to end the series by the end of its second season. I guess its quirkiness and undeniably great potential wasn't enough to keep people from patronizing the show. *sighs*

2. KYLE XY (2006-2009)

Kyle (Matt Dallas), a mysterious boy with an unknown past and incredible IQ, was adopted by Nicole Trager (Margaruette MacIntyre) and her family after he was found at the woods naked and was taken into custody by a juvenile center. The Trager treated him as one of their own, believing that Kyle has an extensive case of amnesia. It was then later revealed in the series that he does not have any belly button, which then leads to unraveling more of his identity.

The series was cancelled after three seasons which left its viewers gajilllon of questions and shattered hearts. ABC Family (ugh hate you ABC) decided to stop the production of the series because of the decline of viewership and because its competitor (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) has left the show's rating into ashes. Kyle XY were able to garner 11 nominations through its lifetime, winning one title at the TCA Awards on 2007.

3. THE SECRET CIRCLE (2011-2012)

The Secret Circle revolves around the life of Cassie Blake (Britt Robertson) and her constant exploration of her potential as a witch. As soon as she steps in Chance Harbor, her fellow witches Adam (Thomas Dekker), Faye (Phoebe Tonkin), Diana (Shelley Hennig), Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Nick (Louis Hunter), and Jake (Chris Zylka) convinced her to complete their circle and bound themselves to unlock their full potential. Unknown to the members of the circle, by bounding themselves to one another, they are tapping into another level of magic which they could not handle yet. The series ends with a cliffhanger after its first season, revealing the arrival of dark magic to Chance Harbor.

Personally, I did not LOVE this series as much as the first two, but it has so much potential from the story line and Jake's V-necks (he he). Despite the huge decline of its viewership (from 2.53M to 1.28M at the end of the season), a lot of campaigns has been launched as a far cry to bring back the show to the airwaves. Unfortunately, The CW has closed its doors for the circle, and all the fans could do is hope for the best.

---So there you have it folks! The top three american TV series that broke my heart due to its cancellation (TSC, well, not really. But I love Faye and Jake!). How about you guys? What series broke your heart the most?

Oh, and by the way, POM is still accepting hopefuls (yay!). Just join our facebook group () and brainstorm with us.

I honestly hope to launch the magazine in a few months time. *cross fingers*Advanced Happy Halloween everybody!
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