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shamballa bracelet wholesale Clinton shamballa necklace Township, Michigan (Guitar outlet) February 08, 2012

That old adage, a friend in need is a friend indeed, is as relevant to innocent kids as it is to wise adults. In this crazy world of bullying and hurtful words, youngsters need a support network of best friends. A visual reminder of that bond is the friendship bracelet a tween emblem of acceptance and self esteem. The award winning My Friendship Bracelet Maker(R) by Choose Friendship Company (formerly known as Crorey Creations) has been flying off the shelves from national outlets to QVC TV segments.

Beyond creating products that bind friendships, the company has now decided to bring focus on the issue of choosing friendship and rejecting bullying for school kids. What better way to transport that message than through an original song, and accompanying video, both created with real kids? In late January 2 GOLD SHAMBALLA BRACELET 012 over 100 tweens and teens gathered at Dakota High School in Macomb Township, Michigan, for a notable cause. They were all participants in the music video production for the brand new song " Inside Out" performed by 14 year old Marisa Nahas, a local musical phen Gomez broke the game open in the sixth with a triple, his third of the series, to score three runs and scored on the play as Derek Dietrichs errant relay throw ended up in the stands. om. Nahas is an up and coming star in the music industry. An eighth grader at L'Anse Creuse Middle School North, Marisa sang and co wrote the song "Waking Fate" from the award winning local short film, Amendment ( youtu.be/7dnMXVd8NtA). In


addition, she won first place in the pop division during the American Guild of Music Great Lakes Regional Contest.

Mad Habit Media collaborated with The Choose Friendship Company to launch their anti bully, pro friendship campaign debuting at the NYC Toy Fair this month. Make the trip to friendship at the company's American International Toy Fair Booth 6269.

The song's powerful message is to be true to yourself, stand up for others and choose friendship. Along with the compelling song lyrics, the music video follows a "pay it forward" storyline emphasizing friendship. The video includes a high energy, flash mob style dance number, performed by more than 100 kids, ages 10 17 from counties in Southeast Michigan. The background stage dance includes competitive dancers from local dance studios in Metro Detroit. All of the dance numbers were choreographed by 18 year old Maycee Nicholas of Clinton Twp., Michigan, where the company is based.

The video incorporates a PSA with the message that "together kids can knock out bullying one friend at a time!" Proceeds from the song's sales will be donated to non profit org Louis Vuitton While many travelers visit Europe for its centuries old history, there are those who appreciate the Continent Schiano on Bucs MLB Mason Foster. s au courant attractions cutting edge restaurants, sexy nightclubs and, of course, sleek hotels. anizations that support this cause. Support the fight against bullying by downloading the song and sharing the video with your friends and family. The song can be purchased from Amazon, Rhapsody and iTunes for 99 cents and the video can be vie You can extend the lifetime of your fashion jewelry by never getting it wet. wed for free at . Viewers are encouraged to share via Facebook with the provided link on the site to help this share this worthwhile cause.

The family owned company began in 2009 and the owners qui growth has quickened slightly this year, most Americans are still pinching pennies, aggregate consumer spending is less than 5 above pre recession levels, and companies that try to raise prices risk the wrath of their customers. ckly realized from social media, website emails, personal stories at its first mall kiosk and at trade shows that kids liked to make bracelets for a cause or special reason close to their hearts. The company started campaigns asking to make special color bracelets in any patterns. After great success with the Red, White and Blue, Kids Serve Too! campaign where kids sent in red, white and blue friendship bracelets to children of military families, the popular Pink and White, Kids Join the Fight! campaign was a way to support kids in families dealing with breast cancer. Embracing You With a Circle of Blue reaches out to young people living with Type 1 diabetes.

While supporting these goodwill campaigns, it became apparent that Choosing Friendship was a posit Trevor Rosenthal allowed one hit in a scoreless eighth. ive message the company could share with its consumers that went hand in hand with making friendship bracelets for your friends. Why not make a bracelet for a friend, boldly stating you Choose Friendship and will stand up for those who are bullied? Lo 4 year old from Macomb Township. The other bullying stories were scripted and read by local actors from Macomb County. The main characters from the video are from All the World's a Stage based in Romeo, Michigan. Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel attended shoot t But between 2014 and 2017, the Nationals slugger is scheduled to make $83 million. o commend kids on participating in such a worthy and important cause.

On the product front, in 2012, the company shows off its new name with two new craft kits, The My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler and The Image Bracelet Maker.

Choose Friendship is not only the craft kit company's new name but also its mantra The Belgian has played an important role for Steve Clarkes side this season as they continue to maintain their top half spot in the Premier League table. . The family business started by a retired Detroit automotive executive learning to braid a bracelet with his young granddaughters has gone global in two short years, bringing innovation to simple crafting techniques. The joy of the product line is its ability to engage impressionable kids of the importance of friends and self expression no matter how cool or kooky.

In addition to the typical school day and afterschool obligations, children sometimes have to cope with more than their science homework. A hand made bracelet can actually make a difference in the life of an anxious child.

Because children carry burdens often overlooked or misunderstood by others, explained Choose Friendship Co.'s Julie Crorey, mom of the two daughters who inspired the product line, we want them to feel welcomed into their own exclusive club. We've created charitable causes that touch a child in every community. Our mission is to let them know they're not alone; not only are others living with the same fear and uncertainty, but that these special children are loved and supported by a larger community.

Retailers have taken notice of this incredible company w Expect the Rockies to provide further word on his injury in what has been a devastating day in the training room with Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler exiting earlier in the game with ailments of their own. here DIY accessories nurture t gold shamballa bracelet he soul. QVC sold out its entire load of more than 55,000 kits during the 4th quarter, 2011. National and specialty retailers alike rival Boeing fell behind on orders and grappled with the grounding of its newest jet, the 787 Dreamliner, data from both companies showed on Thursday. had to restock their shelves in store and online to the delight of young girls. And this year the company will reach retailers world 14 TONY STEWART, Chevrolet wide who will share the success of the Choose Friendship Company's popular line of award winning products.

Every major toy industry award program agreed with retailers that a focus on friendship was a sm Two years earlier, in April 2008, hed been arrested outside a club in his hometown of Houston for possession of codeine, a controlled substance. art idea! My Friendship Bracelet Maker(R) Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak has been keeping a close eye on a lot of young players, including those expected to contribute in their second seasons. ; and My Ribbon Barrette Maker(R) have earned kudos from Tillywig Toy Awards, Parents' Choice, Dr. Toy, Creative Child Magazine, NAPPA Awards and Brilliant Sky. New for 2012 are two products that allow kids to express themselves with a twist of the wrist:

My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler Ages 6 $16.99

My Friendship Bracelet Maker(R) goes global with the Traveler! Great for backpacks and carry ons, this fun and friendly go anywhere travel buddy puts an international twist on the message of friendship. Crafters will appreciate the globe clip that keeps bracelet in place during knotting. Clever numbered slots keep colored threads organized. The nifty slide out storage drawer features 20 pre cut Prism(R) embroidery threads in 10 different colors. Like all products, the included instructions from how to thread the loom to basic knots are easy to understand. For more visual ideas, users can log on to the company website for great how to videos and lessons.

My Image Bracelet Maker Ages 6 $34.99

Like a scrapbook or Facebook post, kids can express instantly their favorite things an Thats why successful fashion marketers need a solid understanding of consumer psychology and social trends. d Its validation for her decision to stick it out when she was getting spun out, when she was driving home at 2 a. likes of the moment on their wrist! Use photos, magazine pictures, internet images or the included art starter sheets to assemble bracelets that are totally unique, totally awesome totally you! Image Bracelets tell a story, serve as inspiration, and let you keep close at hand your amazing adventures and special someones. Easy to use computer software allows kids to upload and crop favorite photos, then simply print from a home printer. Enclosed cutting mechanism safely trims images precisely to size so fingers never come into contact with a blade. Reversible Image Beads come in 6 different I apologize to those who I This form of sales promotion has made many textile companies reach other countries for sale. have offended, to our fans shamballa bracelet wholesale and to the Pacers organization. colors. Child safe glue stick affixes images to beads. Elastic string for threading allows for easy on and off. So charm your arm or send to a friend!

For a complete description of craft kits, instruc The Spurs seek their fifth NBA title in five Finals appearances. tional videos, charitable causes, store locations and more, log on to their website . Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or their blog, authored by the inventor's granddaughter.

About Choose Friendship Company

Originally known as Crorey Creations, the Choose Friendship Company manufactures the innovative craft kit 74;, (MyFBM), and several other products in the Maker collection. Invented for his granddaughters by David Crorey, a retired auto industry executive with an engineering background, My Friendship Bracelet Maker offers an easy, organized and portable way to create friendship bracelets, a favorite craft tradition of girls and teens, and in be tweens.

Because friendship bracelets have long been an international symbol of friendship, the company has established quarterly Choose Friendship camp


aigns encouraging support networks between kids across the country. After great success with the Red, White and Blue, Kids Serve Too! campaign where kids sent in red, white and blue friendship bracelets to children o Running back Ahmad Bradshaw returned to Luca


s Oil Field on Wednesday for the first time since he scored the winning touchdown for the New York Giants in the 2012 Super Bowl. f military families, the popular Pink and White, Kids Join the Fight! campaign was a way to support kids in families dealing with breast cancer. Embracing You With a Circle of Blue reaches out to young people living with Type 1 diabetes. In 2012, an anti bullying song & video titled Inside Out, sung by teen Marisa Nahas, will be released promoting the blessings of friends and the importance of choosing friend Louis Vuitton If youd really like to indulge, book the Cashmere Suite, which true to its name features walls covered in claret colored cashmere locally sourced from nearby Peeble


s. ship over bullying. Watch their website for details of the first ever celebratory Friendship Ball. For more information on products, causes and community, visit their consumer website at . Their full press kit is available at www.choosefriendship.co.

Choose Friendship Co. Fashions Anti-Bullying/Choose Friendship Song gold shamballa bracelet shamballa necklace

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