Sunday, October 20, 2013

'Game of Thrones' season 4: Another beer on the way, this time inspired by Emilia Clarke's Dany

There are not many TV series out there that are worthy of having viewing parties on a near-weekly basis, but we are willing to wager at this point that "" is one of them. This is a show that shocks you weekly in the ten episodes that it airs, and it also benefits from having some food and drink to enhance the viewing pleasure.

Based on what we have to share with you now, it appears that HBO is ready to give you a little something else to ensure that you have the best viewing party ever this spring: The new official beer Fire and Blood Red Air. There are three separate promotional images released for the product from Ommegang Brewery based in New York, and each one of them features one of Danaerys Targeryan's famed dragons. While The Iron Throne Blonde Ale and the recent Take the Black Stout have each been themed around elements of the show, this one to us feels like the one that was obvious from the get go. How can you not have a red ale themed around Emilia Clarke's character? It just so happens to feel like a perfect fit.

While you legal drinking-age crowd prepares for this, "Game of Thrones" season 4 is still in the process of filming the upcoming fourth season, where it has been in a variety of countries including Northern Ireland, Croatia, and Iceland. The show will be embarking soon on its lengthy post-production process, where it has to work tirelessly to implement all of the proper CGI and editing to make this the Emmy-winning show that you know and understandably love.

Sometimes, product placement can be both incredibly irritating and frustrating; but, this is the sort of thing that we really don't mind since it seems to be done with care, and ties into the show in a way that is not completely obvious and promoted on the show itself. Int he end, it's yet another piece of evidence that "Game of Thrones" really does just about everything correctly.

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