Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pet Are Part of the Family

One thing pet owners have to remember that pets are affected by any change. Sometimes it's good change like bringing home your new baby or a bad changing saying goodbye to a furry friend. All animals react differently to any change. As you know we had to . It was very emotional to me to let him go. I could just imagine what he went through after I left him. We have 4 cats but one furry friend we forgot was really close to Harvey. The other three I think were glad that the dog was gone. But our cat, Maddie, got into a sort of depression I would say. We didn't notice it until we were back from our trip. She lost a lot of weight. Normally she is social and walks around. When we arrived we founded her in one of our drawers. Don't know how she managed to get there. But she has a bad habit to opening doors. So this didn't really surprise me that she did this.

This our adorable cat, Maddie!

Of course this concerned us tremendously! Feeling her all bone-y was shocking. Then I remembered a couple of years back when one of our other cats, Inque, was in a depression cause we moved to Orlando and left her with my father-in-law. At that time we thought she was a perfect fit with him cause she would always hang out with him even when we were there. But with Maddie she lost her furry friend Harvey and then about 2 weeks after we all leave for our trip. We were gone almost 2 1/2 weeks. From Maddie's perception it could of looked like we abandoned her. Once we got settled back home. We made sure she felt loved. We bought her some tasty treats and allowed her to hang out in my daughter's room. We even gave her own food and water bowl. She is eating a little more everyday. It's going to take time like it did with our other cat, Inque. This was reminder that any pet are emotionally connected to their family. Sometimes life gets in the way but just because they can't really communicate their feelings doesn't mean you forget them. One of the positives of Maddie hanging out more in my daughter's room is now that she starting to grow more attached to her. It's amusing to hear her ask for her. She even "plays" with her. Maddie just looks at her and just lays next to her.
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