Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rising Starlet: Leah Costello

LEAH COSTELLO has a distinctive face and soulful eyes that will provoke a sustained fascination to be her avid follower. So often we've seen emerging young actresses on TV shows and LEAH is one with the potential to be potently enchanting. Some have pointed to her attractiveness as incandescent, enlivening the space she inhabits be it a room or on the screen. She is guest-starring on "Masters Of Sex" as Louise, a gal who volunteers for the orgasm test conducted by Dr. William Masters and his secretary Virginia Johnson. Fans of the show will be pleased with LEAH's arresting beauty as well as her mature performance which included a scene of her character reaching climax through self-pleasuring. Wonder if she'll get a recurring role as LEAH can be memorably captivating for the long haul.

She is slated to appear in two indie thrillers namely "Apollyon" (now that's a unique title!) and "The Treason". While these films are of a much darker tone, her capabilities to handle the plots are top-notch having graduated top of her class from University of Miami's Theater Program. These are exciting times for the very beautiful LEAH and she's a very good bet to fashion herself as an entertainer we can't stop cherishing.

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