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Indonesia's Blinc is a shopping loyalty program built by Grupara and InHouse VC co-founders

Indonesia will soon have another shopping loyalty program startup in the form of . What makes this particular startup different from the rest is its founding members. It's built by Aryo Ariotedjo (), Fajar Budiprasetyo (Koprol co-founder and ), as well as Christopher Satriandaru and Dimas Ario Rubianto from . With all those talents combined, what's in store for Blinc?

Blinc is dubbed a "universal loyalty program." The startup offers users two ways to use the program: physical cards or iOS and Android apps. Ariotedjo says that their main offering is the cards, and the mobile apps are just supplementary.


The team wants to get both customers and merchants on board so that Blinc woks for as many people in as many places as possible. Customers who would like to join Blinc can ask for the physical cards for free at participating merchants, then they need only fill in their email address and security pin there.

The Blinc team will provide merchants with an iOS or Android tablet (pictured above). Customers' Blinc cards use QR codes, which merchants can scan with their tablet. Each brand will have its own merchant points, and when customers want to redeem the points, they need fill in a registration form.

The team believes that if the customers need to fill in long forms at the beginning, it'll make them reluctant to join. So they make the initial registration process as easy as possible, and customers instead go through the form filling process in order to redeem the rewards.

Blinc charges each merchant a subscription fee of IDR 1,250,000 ($112) every month. It's their intention to target premium brands first, and others will follow. Merchants will get their customer database and analytics by joining this program.


Ariotedjo believes that despite people being skeptical of loyalty programs, there is big potential there in Indonesia, especially looking at how big the food and beverage industry is growing. The strategy is to simplify the steps for people to use digital loyalty programs in the country.

Other digital loyalty startups in Jakarta include , , and with each having its own strengths. Pouch is a that offers detailed reports to merchants regarding their customers' activities; Stamps lets customers join the loyalty program without any registration or cards; while Kleepon lets customers get loyalty points via sticker codes.

Blinc is self-funded by Grupara and the founding members. The team is still undergoing in trial phase with 15 merchants. Blinc will be launched later this year.

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