Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Washington Redskins

Bob Costas: 'Redskins' can't possibly honor a heritage or noble character trait, nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. It's an insult, a slur, no matter how benign the present-day intent." I am sure we are all familiar with that statement by now. After watching that statement from Costas I started thinking, why is it always white Liberals who are offended by statements and not the intended people?

It would have been nice if Bob had done a little research on that subject before he opened his fat yap, because it seems that 90% of American Indians are not offended by the name Redskins.Why is it always the white Liberals who think that they have to come out and cause trouble in the name of righteousness and fairness when the majority of people don't even give a crap?Why is it always the white Liberals who think they know what is best for all, when all they are doing is dividing the country and causing trouble where there is none?

Kandace Watson, director of education and cultural outreach for the Oneida Nation says, "The tribe has a lot of members who've been Redskins fans forever and don't want the name to change." "Even my own cousin and her daughter feel that way, and we discuss it all the time. The fact is, even a significant number oftheir own people, Watson estimates that 100 or more of Oneida Nation's members actually consider the Redskins name an honor.

It is the same with Blacks, someone says the word "nigger" and the airwaves are full of white Liberals who claim to be offended by the word, while many black people use that word every day and it is constantly heard throughout the Rap industry. I have to ask myself, are they truly offended by that word or have they just found another thing to complain about or strike division into our country?

No matter what ethnic group or race they say is being slandered, the white Liberals are always in the forefront leading the charge, except of course if the slander is against white people, you see they forget that white people are a race of people too. One black kid gets killed by a White Hispanic, (which is a new term the Liberals invented) and it is a national uproar, but in the aftermath dozens of whites are attacked and killed by blacks and the Liberal media remains deaf and blind.

Recently we had Veterans march on Washington because the World War II Memorial had been shut down, but what do the white Liberals focus on? One individual was carrying a Confederate Flag, which by the way, I see nothing wrong with, some people associate the flag with slavery, but there are many who believe it is a symbol of Southern pride, again the white Liberals picked out something that can divide people.

Liberals are well known for calling everyone who disagrees with them haters or bigots, but it seems to me that these white Liberals are the biggest haters and dividers that this country has to offer. White Liberals never miss an opportunity to jump on something that will advance their cause, which is to stir up hatred and divide our country.

I'll tell you the truth, if there was a football team called the Whiteskins it wouldn't offend me in the least and I bet there would not be one white Liberal who would stand up and be offended either, because the White race is non-existent to them. I just don't understand, a handful of people are offended and the whole world has to change, you know Liberals really offend me; maybe we should outlaw them as well. After all, I bet more people are offended by Liberals than the name Redskins.

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