Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Type 2 diabetes in Mauritania: Prevalence of the undiagnosed diabetes, influence of family history and maternal effect

Publication date:

April 2013

SOURCE:Primary Care Diabetes, Volume 7, Issue 1

Author(s): Ghlana Meiloud , Imen Arfa , Rym Kefi , Isselmou Abdelhamid , Fatimetou Veten , Khaled Lasram , Nizar Ben Halim , Abdallahi Sidi Mhamed , Abdoulaye Samb , Sonia Abdelhak , Ahmed Ould Houmeida

AimWe estimated the prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes, analyzed the influence of family history on the occurrence of T2D and evaluated its aggregation pattern in the Mauritanian population.MethodsThe prevalence of unknown diabetes was obtained using data compiled from 1278 Mauritanian adults applying a questionnaire and fasting serum glucose tests. Detailed family history of diabetes and clinical characteristics were gathered from 421 T2D patients.ResultsThe prevalence of undiagnosed diabetes was 4.7 1.2% in the studied population (3.1% in men and 6.4% in women). 27% of T2D patients reported at least one relative with diabetes. Association between family history and diabetes was higher among first degree compared to second degree relatives (p=0.003). We observed more probands with an affected mother than those who have a father with diabetes (p=0.002), suggesting a preferential maternal effect which did not extend to second degree relatives.ConclusionsThese results show that the prevalence of diabetes in the Mauritanian population could be higher than currently thought. Family history screening may be used in the management of this condition in Mauritania.
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