Sunday, October 20, 2013

NBC's 'The Voice' preview: See James Wolpert, Will Champlin go 'Radioactive'

Ever since his blind audition, James Wolpert is someone that we have predicting would make it far on the show. This is a guy who looks like he worked at the Apple Store at one point (which makes sense, given that he actually did), but he has a voice that reminds us a ton of Dave Matthews or even recent "" winner Phillip Phillips. Will he be the winner of "" by a similar trajectory? His first challenge is getting rid of another talented guy in Will Champlin.

In the video below, you can get a quick preview of the singing showdown between these two as they team up and perform a recent Imagine Dragons hit in "Radioactive." This is the sort of song that really relies heavily on aggression, and they each have this for days. This is one of those rare battles where we actually see them both getting to advance despite Adam Levine being only able to pick one of them. While Will sounds great, James got all four chairs to turn for him earlier this season, and he has that sort of voice where he really could perform anything and not have a problem with it.

What we want to know right now is pretty simple: Who would be the most likely coach to benefit them in the future? While it may seem like a strange pick at first, we think that either one of these people would be a good fit for Christina Aguilera. She would find them songs to stretch their vocals, and would not get them too far "out there" a la Cee Lo Green where they start to lose some of who they actually are as artists. Typically, we think that he is the best mentor for this show, but sometimes you don't need to be pushed that far out of your comfort zone. (Plus, Christina seems to be incredibly committed when it comes to this season.)

What do you think about this preview, and is there anyone that you are rooting for in particular? If you want to check out another battle that will take place on the show come Monday night, . We will have our full review immediately after it airs.
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