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What's the difference between bleaching hair and stripping hair color?

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I have dark brown hair and I want to go a like medium auburn red.. my hairdresser said she would have to strip my color to achieve this. Everybody is telling me not to because stripping hair color is so bad for it, but I have bleached my hair before and it is still healthy. So just wondering what the difference is? Any knowledge or advice on the subject would be great, I'm clueless!!


There are products that will remove most of the synthetic color in the hair and leave the hair it's natural color. This usually works best when someone goes darker, when adding a vibrant color, or when doing a color correction.

Bleaching will remove the natural melanin that gives hair it's pigment, as well as removing synthetic dye from the hair.

Both processed can be referred to as "stripping" the hair color.

In your case the stylist is probably just going to do a quick bleaching process with a low volume, then tone it with color.



I am in dire need of color correction. My hair hasn't been it's natural color in many years. I usually go red or dark (brown to black). Recently, I had dyed black hair that was growing out and for some reason I let my sister convince me to bleach it. We had no clue what we were doing so we went to Sally's. After 4 treatments over the course of a week, we were satisfied with my hair. It's not as fried as you would think, but it's certainly not healthy. Well, my roots are growning in REALLY dark and I have a VERY IMPORTANT job interview in 2 days (that I just found out about). I need to do something with my hair to make it presentable. I was told I should dye it a medium brown, but I've heard about a lot of colors turning green or blue. I really need this done in a hurry and I don't have the $$ to go to a professional. Any suggestions?

It's been about 7 weeks since I bleached it and I wasn't actually looking for this job interview. I DID think about that back when I let my sister talk me into bleaching, but I had no idea I'd get this interview. Someone (a friend who works at the company) JUST called me up about an opening on and gave me the info. Had I actually been looking for a job, I wouldn't have bleached my hair in a million years. It was just a very rare moment of spontaneity when I had no other committments that would be affected.


Well, I'm sorry to say you haven't planned very well. If you've been looking for an important job, why on Earth would you bleach your hair?

Unless you have the money to see a pro, LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE. By dying it again, you run the risk of turning it green, blue or breaking it off altogether. Yes, it does happen. Haven't you seen those celebrity pics of Britney Spears and Nicole Richie with bald spots? That's from overprocessing their hair.

Now that I think about it, I doubt a pro would even go near your hair, after what you've done to it.

If you're afraid your hair will make you look unprofessional, immature or whatever, you're right. It probably will. But that seems to be who you are right now. If you were really concerned about getting a good job, you would have thought of it before.

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