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Task 2


Job roles in the industry involve graphic designer, technical art, creative director, animator, artist, producer, audio engineer etc...But all these are not needed for a flash game, even on a large scale. The most important roles would be the creative director and the project manager, who overseas the whole creation of the game.

They employ the creative team who would create the art and animate the different objects within the game before being sent to the programming team.

The lead programmer will develop the technical specification before assigning individual elements to different programmers within the team. The team will be in charge of ensuring that the game is of a high quality and is efficient. The game will then go to the QA testers who play the game to ensure there are no glitches or mistakes and that it is of high enough standard.

When the game is completed and is to be released it will be promoted and marketed by the marketing team. The marketing team will also have some input during the initial development stages of the game to make sure that what the creative team are creating will be marketable and will appeal to the audience, maximizing profits.


The worldwide video game industry is poised to reach $70.1 billion by 2015, thanks to the combined

growth of console, portable, PC, and online video games, according to market researcher "DFC

Intelligence". This is mainly due to increasing Internet and broadband penetration throughout the

world and the development of mobile phone capabilities. A popular choice for mobile and internet

based game development is Adobe Flash as it supports many features and integrates with the

majority of platforms and devices.

I have been approached by a local business man who is relatively new to this area who wishes for a team to produce a game set in an alternative futuristic world. He wishes for the protagonist to be the main character in a series of games. He is allowing the team to have full creative control so he wants a team who is fully aware of the gaming market and has the right amount of skills required to produce the game. We will first create a prototype which can be used to receive feedback from members of the gaming community. The prototype will also be the foundation for when the game is fully developed later on.

The concept of the game will involve a character which has been trapped in an alternative world after his delorean malfunctioned. The alternative universe has long been taken over by drug infested dwarfs. The character must fight his way through city streets and deserts in multiple worlds to reach his delorean so that he can get back to present day. The game will be a hybrid of two different genres, 'beat em' up' and 'platform'.

No legislation such as the obscene publications act will be broken as there will not be any harmful content involved in the game. I will also make sure that any sprites used in the game will be copyright free but most graphics will be created by myself. Considering my skill on Photoshop and flash most graphics will be 2D and the actual game itself will be relatively simple. I will depend on the audio and game play to draw in the attention of the player. Most of this will be created in college in lessons and during breaks. This will allow me to get help from teachers if I end up struggling on a certain thing and also to use the macs.

The target audience for this will be teenagers and adult males. The game will also appeal to them around the age of 30 as these are proven to be more involved in the gaming community than any other age group according to the ESA data from 2012. Since the game will be made using Flash Action Script 3.0 it will be accessible on all internet browser and also on phones with Adobe Lite installed. This will mean that them at work, school or anywhere with internet connection, they can access the game.

After feedback from peers I have realized that the game would be enjoyed greatly as it is very creative and even if the genre did not appeal to a person the game definitely will. There might be issue's as it might not follow the Obscene Publications Act of 1998 as Dwarfs are seen in a negative light.

These are two screen mock ups for the game. Where as the first one is a lot more achievable as it is simple, it might not be able to draw in the attention of the player unlike the second one. The second one includes a lot more detail meaning that more time and skill will be required when creating the game.



The screen size will be 800 x 600 with the scene being fixed. The player can use the directional keys on the keyboard to control the player, enabling him to move back and forth and jump up and down so that he can freely jump on platforms. The player will also be able to jump onto the enemy which will kill them, or if they're a boss it will be a lot harder to jump on them but they will lose a significant amount of health if done right.

The downside to the screen being fixed is that it will be a lot harder to jump onto platforms as the enemy dwarfs might be directly below the platform stopping you from jumping. If the game was to include shooting this will fix this as it will allow the player to kill all enemies in the way with one kill per bullet. One kill per bullet will not apply to the player as there is a maximum of 10 lives. The enemies will also not have guns and can only bite the player meaning that they will have to be pretty close to the player to do any harm.
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