Sunday, October 27, 2013

Past and Current Trends Paper

In today?s world all countries present the problems of spirit blackguard. According to the National Ho dohold Survey on medicine Ab manipulation, ?an estimated 15.9 million illicit medicate enforcers in the coupled States, excluding those who ab character prescription and over-the-counter medicates, other substances and intoxicant? (, 2008). Substance and drug white plague has changed over the utmost(a) few historic period in the Unites States mainly beca accustom of trends that the country faces from different ethnicities and their different habits. This radical give discuss past and current trends of substance and drug use, slip appearance of encouraging and supporting drug use and the health problems arising from drug use. Past and Current Trends of Substance and medicate UseOne of the most far-famed drugs that the author would like to discuss is ganja. Although, thither is scientific point regarding the negative effects of marijuana on people?s healt h, many people ignore these facts and use marijuana as a medical remedy. The drug marijuana is still a trendy and one of the most moot drugs known and use today and in the past. A nonher popular drug is cocaine. A noticeable decrease in the use of cocaine in the United Sates over the last 20 years; however, the use of its derivative, crack increases every day. Heroin trend, on the other side, shows no significant difference in its use in last 10 years.

Only the way of victorious it changed from injection to let loose because of the fear of becoming septic with the AIDS virus from needles and the misconception th at this way of use will not lead to addictio! n. Methamphetamine became famous 30 years agone and is still very popular. The drugs use increased rapidly in ?1994 when reaching 63% (The info Bank, 2005). However, currently its use declines slowly. United States suffers also from the constantly growth abuse... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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