Sunday, October 27, 2013

'How I Met Your Mother' season 9, episode 7 preview: Neil Patrick Harris and an air vent

Who wants to see Barney Stinson try to become a secret agent? This is what you are likely going to see Monday nightsort of. This is a guy who also apparently thinks that Bruce Willis is the bad guy in "Die Hard," so it's hard to be completely impressed with his "legendary" decision to try and sneak through an air vent in order to complete a mission for Marshall on the same weekend as his wedding.

This video is almost a direct continuation to the one that we posted yesterday, which was really all about Marshall asking Barney for a favor, no questions asked, to sneak in to Lily's room a delete an incriminating text message regarding his status as a judge. If he does this, it ensures that a problem for his is alleviated for the time being. This isn't really a foolproof plan, though, given that Daphne (Sherri Shepherd) could always just send Lily another text message. Then again, we imagine that Marshall is really not thinking that far ahead.

There are two extremely funny moments for what is just a 30-second clip:

1. Barney deciding to bust into Lily's room via the air vent, even though her room is probably unlocked and there is really no reason to go all Bond with it.

2. Robin walking in halfway through to talk to him about telling each other things before they decide to do them. His response? Let's just say that it is vintage Barney, and while it is probably not going to suddenly derail this elaborate wedding weekend, it is probably not going to make Robin particularly pleased, either.

We want to sit here and hope that there is an appearance from Cristin Milioti in this episode, but she has not been seen in any footage. For those of you anxious to see the Mother at this point, our advice is patience; we would be stunned if the November sweeps rolled around, and there was still no appearance from her at all.

What do you think about this video? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to check out more news related to "No Questions Asked," (which is somewhat more Halloween-based).
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