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Hate the new Photos app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

The best alternative photo apps from simple organization to apps that completely change how you take and view photos on your iPhone

The was completely redone for and while some people prefer the new layout, collections, and moments, others would prefer an alternate way to store, organize, and manage their memories. Luckily, there are lots of third party apps available to both keep your photos safe, and let you edit, filter, and keep track of them to your hearts content. Not sure which one is best, or more specifically, best for you? Keep reading!


VSCO Cam not only provides for a Photo app replacement, it can also be a Camera app replacement as well. With more editing capabilities and camera settings than both the stock Photos and Camera app, it packs a mighty punch. The Library section of VSCO Cam is simple but elegant. You can choose list or thumbnail views and adjust the sizes of thumbnails to suit your tastes. The VSCO Grid service is optional but gives you a great way to share your favorite photos with anyone you'd like by simply giving them your Grid URL. They can then access it with any web browser.

If you want an all-in-one solution to take, manage, and share your photos, along with killer filters, VSCO Cam is your best options available.

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Flickr provides an insane amount of storage at absolutely no cost to you. A terabyte to be exact. Flickr is also one of the best photo communities on the web so if you like browsing other people's photos just as much as you like taking your own, Flickr is an awesome option. The fact that the app itself has a great layout and easy to navigate interface makes it a great replacement for the stock Photos app. Heck, Flickr even added auto-upload for iOS 7 users so there's next to no work involved in getting your photos from your iPhone and onto Flickr.

If you care more about storage space limits than anything else, Flickr is what you want.

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is a relatively new service but it's a great one. You get 5GB of storage space on the Loom service itself for free. From there you can buy additional space. Depending on how you decide to use it, the free space may be plenty. The app itself is gorgeous and is flexible to your needs. Want to view just your iPhone photos? No problem. They'll be separated from any other iOS devices you might have attached to your Loom account. Want to view a unified library that contains all your photos in one place? Loom can do that too with a functionality very similar to how Photo Stream works in the stock Photos app.

If you want a great interface and design, get Loom.

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isn't a storage service at all but it can be a complete replacement for the Photos app if you want it to be. Simply grant it access to your Camera Roll and it can auto-import all your photos and sort them by location and date much in the same way the stock Photos app does. The main difference between the two is that some people will heavily prefer Photoful's interface and additional features such as tags. Photoful also gives you the option to drill down further and more precisely into your collections without having to scrub through thousands of photos like you have to in the iOS Photos app.

If you want more control over searching for and managing your images, Photoful can give you that.

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Dropbox can not only save your photos, but any other kind of documents you'd like to store. The instant upload feature can also make sure your photos stay in sync and in Dropbox with little to no effort on your part. You get 2GB for free and can upgrade to a paid account for more storage at any time. Sure you don't get as much space for free with Dropbox but the convenience of being able to store any kind of file all in one place may appeal to some people more.

If you want to be able to store all your documents in one place, regardless of their type, go with Dropbox.

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These are our favorite apps when it comes to finding alternatives for the stock Photos app. If you weren't keen on the changes to the Photos app in iOS 7 and found something to replace it, let us know what you decided on in the comments!

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