Sunday, October 27, 2013

Favorites: October Happenings

This week I passed the 50-day mark to graduation (only 46 more days!) and it is still surreal to me that, come January, I won't load up my Eddie Bauer backpack (that has lasted since junior year of high school) and go to school. October has been a crazy month, here are a few pictures I have to document it. Keep in mind, though, I only remember to take pictures when nothing exciting is happening.

This is Bam, my cousins' dog that I watch from time-to-time. I'm not a small-dog lover, but he is just so cute. He was being a bit dramatic, it rained all day and he was depressed. I was sending a picture of this dress to someone (they wanted to know what I was wearing to a group presentation) and Reece hopped up to be in a picture. This was probably the last time (!) I will dogsit for her so I'm glad we have one last picture.These are my dogs, just re-enacting from The Lion King. Well, here's another awkward selfie of me wearing the fox sweater. You don't want to know how many times people came up to me and asked "What does the fox say?" My response is a lot like .My copy of North and South finally came in from the UK. That's right, I was not satisfied with the American covers and waited the two weeks for this to arrive. Worth it. Also: I finally broke down and painted my nails a fall color. This one is Butter London's British Racing Green. I made a mug cake () and it was horrible. It smelled like fried egg and I just couldn't. I had to burn a candle to get rid of the smell.I've spent some time with the pups this month , aren't they just the cutest things? Also, just in case you were wondering who is my mother's favorite...look at the left-hand side of this picture. That bear sitting beside the lamp is Cam's stuffed animal Wembley. She doesn't even try to hide it.Another day, another book and nail color. This is Butter London's La Moss, which I really wouldn't recommend. It's okay, but oxblood is such a commonplace color now, you can find cheaper alternatives.
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