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This is the portion of a arc where i say Fairy tail is on a roll and this could be the series' best and most explosive arc yet. Now most times i would warn of being too hasty, this being fairy after all; yet the tone of this arc feels somewhat different, giving me hope that we might finally get an arc worth the fairy tail hype, not seen since the tower of heaven arc (which messed things up by reviving Erza; though Hiro was in an unfortunate situation because i would have lost interest if Erza had exited from the story).


The meeting of the demon gates commences, among the seven present demons, some of whom express anger at their preclusion from the scheme in play, Kyouka asking for patience and calm as the initiated strategy plays out. The seven have congregated at the Zeref shrine, speaking of the loyalty they share for their master.

Elsewhere the rainjinshu have been tasked with running a restaurant, a duty they execute in the company of Yamaji, former member of the Magic council; Laxus is absent. While discussing the recent events regarding Tartaros' attack on the council, the restaurant is attacked and obliterated by the demon Tempest.

All the rainjinshuu are defeated, with Tempest then cornering his true target Yamaji; just as he squeezes the life out of the little man, he is struck by a bolt of lightening, signaling Laxus' appearance. The two face off in battle


It is difficult to read this the second chapter of the Tartaros arc and not experience some excitement at the prospect of a fairy tail arc that might actually produce some unpredictable surprises.

With two chapters, Hiro has allowed me to experience some genuine excitement about fairy tail, not hindered by my reservations over what the series has done in the past. True i am taking into consideration the possibility that Hiro is doing what he always does, create great set up chapters but fail to deliver an exciting story. However that isn't stopping from property enjoying this chapter, as it normally would, the worry that any excitement i am feeling now Hiro will ruin by the halfway point.

The arc has so far set up Tartaros as a formidable guild, probably the most powerful enemy they have faced. It is worth pointing out that just because these demons are from the book of Zeref doesn't automatically make them invincible; after all Lullaby was attested to being some unstoppable creature, only for fairy tail to annihilate him without breaking a sweat. It is unlikely that every demon Zeref created is a Deliora.

Each new chapter seems to focus on introducing a specific demon gate. We saw jackal eliminate the entire magic council; and now we are about to see Tempest take on laxus, because destroying the restaurant and the rest of the thunder club isn't that great a feat. How Tempest does against Laxus, who took down god slayer Ogre with one punch- supposedly Saber tooth's strongest mage- and defeated the strongest wizard saint, outside of the four gods, will determine how strong he is, or we think he is.

I am really hoping Hiro makes this fight both unpredictable and short; i do not want this continuing to a second or third chapter. The demon worship at the shrine makes you wonder if zeref is really giving the orders here. Sure he wasn't looking too pleasant the last time we saw him; yet i doubt that he has anything to do with Tartaros' actions, more like they are clinging to the image of the old Zeref that created them. But then again who summoned them out of the book.

I think when Zeref finally makes his move it will be something grand, beyond the scale of even Tartaros. You have to wonder why Tartaros is so hellbent on eliminating the council, going so far as to seek out an ex council member. This is more than just eliminating their authority, as Yamaji holds no political power at the moment. And if they are targeting all council members, past and present, that means they will be going after Urtear and Jellal, which should be interesting.

RATING: 5/5, great chapter, this is twice in a row that Hiro has managed to impress me and let's hope he can keep the pace going.

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