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No, I did not brainwashed or moved "to the other side." This vegan Jewish activist, currently visiting Israel, indeed gracious tons of charisma but his words did not leave such a strong impression if it was not just the basic moral argument against the meat industry.

We have no good excuse to justify the continued existence of the industry killing animals, whether for clothing, rutland house vets food, cosmetic, or medical experiments. After all, if the frozen chicken asked if he would like to end his life brutally frozen supermarket shelf full of antibiotics, Cimyakilim, water and bacteria, it is likely that the answer would be no.

If we agree that the chicken is frozen and all other living creature would choose life over death if they could, rutland house vets the question is whether the person may see himself as the crown of creation and to treat the other animals as inferior rutland house vets and did not deserve treatment as immoral? Is he entitled to treat the environment only as a source of resources?

Fair to wonder if behind every attempt to justify our need meat not hiding selfishness, a desire to preserve the status quo because that's delicious to us or convenient. And perhaps until now we did not give the matter much thought on wasteful industry, life and resources, which should be carried out to be served juicy toppled their success. Admit that I do not.

Active as Iorofsky, the man behind "most-watched YouTube lecture Israel" attests that he converted vegan more than 100,000 people and encourage a feeling of anti, their holy fervor and emotional responses "trust" of fans Committee drifting them.

I asked him if this attitude is not justified, given that instead of dealing with facts and data, using arguments pro vegan Ed - humanists call meat-eaters are "Nazis" and "murderers" emotional and impassioned arguments raised against those that do not suit their lifestyle.

"No one likes to say that he lived a terrible life. Whether you want to justify your harmful lifestyle you do not want to get you the movie where you live. Ardent defenders rutland house vets of murder in the eyes of the cow industry is a Nazi.'m Not surprised it is difficult to admit it. This self-deprecating most difficult moral process there. every day I apologize for what I've done in the past for animals. " rutland house vets

"Not all communication is and verbal. Impossible to decipher the body language of the animals. Possible to know that if you lead a cow in a truck to a concentration camp her body stricken. If you put it in the facility in a slaughterhouse and she went berserk so obviously not good for her. I'm rutland house vets not making this up . the animals speak to us all the time. anyone who breeds a dog know how animals feel. "

"I do not think meat eaters are evil, but addicts. I defeated the addiction. It opened my eyes this circus. Seeing the monkeys and elephants rutland house vets in cages that made me think if a show slaves does not contradict the love of animals. Argued passionately in favor of my rights But friends who trained with me in the gym called me a hypocrite because I continued to eat meat.


an interview on a local radio program supervisor asked me what I ate for dinner. I lied when I answered a salad. I realized that I painted. It was the last lie. I got a kick in the ass that made me change. I visited slaughterhouses and shocking experience made me realize that I do not want to put more meat by. I'm not a philosopher or professor if I could tell right from wrong, anyone can. "

"I received many negative comments and it cost me friendships and family relationships have. Persons told me, 'I respect you'. Clear that you respect me but do not ask me to respect rutland house vets the lifestyle violent.'s My best friend for 33 years left in my life even though he eats meat that he did not argue with me or lied. I hate lies. say you too lazy to change but do not tell me you have to eat meat to get protein or false else. he became a vegetarian last month, by the way. "

"You rutland house vets do not necessarily like the taste of meat, but the flavor spices and sauces cooking away with it. Tasty vegan food as not hurting rutland house vets animals. I eat bananas and nectarines, shawarma vegetarian, meat, soy, falafel, hummus and tabouleh without supplements or vitamins. The absurdity is that meat eaters are taking vitamins. Why, because meat has nutritional value. people

eat meat for vitamins but with them absorb cholesterol, saturated fat animal and trans fat. Makes no sense to fatten animals plants and then eat them. studies found that vegans have a chance lower than 5% risk of disease for those who eat meat.'s true that you can eat meat and maintain health but it is also possible to smoke and not get sick lung disease. it does not mean it's healthy. "

Clarke Duncan died at the age of 54 and was a vegetarian three years of his life alone. Becoming a vegetarian is not clear you from 51 years of unhealthy lifestyle. Besides, I'm the first admit that healthier meat dairy products from 1000. My father was also a vegan late in his life. He died in 2009 at the age of 69. He suffered from heart disease and diabetes rutland house vets but thanks to vegan lost weight and reduced the drugs he took. Veganism can not eliminate most diseases later in life but if you make sure you follow a healthy lifestyle from a young age it will improve the quality of life. "

"Treatment of animals in captivity is disgraceful. They grow densely, they are injected seeds are separated from their offspring and then sent to be killed in a slaughterhouse. Dairy products has
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