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Comic Book Review: Cryptozoic Man #1

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I know it's not for everyone, but I enjoyand their podcast the TV show was birthed from .

Well, if you follow Comic Book Men you'll remember they pitched a creator-owned comic book to . The pitch was accepted and months later it's finally arrived.

Cryptozoic Man #1.

Written bywith art by , Cryptozoic Man #1 tells the story of Alan Ostman, a man whose life is thrown completely out of control when his daughter goes missing and aliens abduct him.

The artwork is insane. As much as I've enjoyed Flanagan's work on , in Cryptozoic Man #1 it feels like he's been let off his leash. And revelling at the chance Flanagan hasn't held back at all.

Johnson's script is dark and poetic at times. I'll be honest when I say that after reading it the first time I was hit with a sense of "What in the holy hell did I just read?" But after a second reading it made much more sense and it was easier to piece together the timeline of the story.

I feel like this comic book was made just for me. I love monsters, I love aliens, I love cyptids, and I love that the hero is part man, part , partand part(there are hints of more but this is yet to be shown).

Cryptozoic Man is a limited series, but I honestly hope that, like , this is the first of many stories and adventures for Alan Ostman.

Cryptozoic Man #1 is on shelves as you read this. If you're a monster nut like me, get your hands on it.
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