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CFC :: Entertainment :: The Garden :: Anime & Manga Zone Sonoko Share | Discover the world of Doraemon film gotheleciel1995 Author Message Posts: 342 Birthday: 12/18/1995 Age: 17 Location: Wonderland. The Rainbow Company Title: Discover the world of Doraemon movie Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:21 pm

Doraemon's birthday party, I let them explore the cult cartoon series history on most of this fat cat pay offline. The cartoon character "ku-te" most Earth (Part 2) The cartoon character ice age movies "ku-te" most earth (Ward 1) Famous in Vietnam through comic series, then the operation shape and length movies, cat Doraemon and Nobita 4 friends, Shizuka, Gouda, ice age movies made Suneo how passionate heart monitor, anticipate each adventure to new horizons. People on 3/9, Doraemon's birthday ice age movies and the 30th anniversary of the first feature-length film premiered on Doraemon, let us look back at the movies I most typical of this lovely catokay. Robotic cat Doraemon character of Japanese manga artist Fujiko F. Fujio was created in 1969 and quickly became one of the 20 most famous ice age movies people in Asia until today. In the story, Doraemon the robot cat from the 22nd century (born 03.09.2112), back to the past to help Nobita clumsy with dishes Rosetta incredibly miraculous taken from the belly pouch. Besides the real life story of Nobita, Doraemon the 5 friends, Nobita, ice age movies Shizuka, Gouda and Suneo also always stick together, through many adventures to magical lands like purple planet, Dinosaur Park, Castle seabed, the Kingdom in the clouds ... The story of Doraemon mostly humorous life stories, short, attractive and easy to understand, that from the children to the parents must loved. Bread mnemonics adventures of Doraemon and friends first known in Vietnam is through short and long comic series was released the Kim Dong Publishing House in 1992 and then published in full in 1996. Shortly after its release, the series was quickly young readers in Vietnam warmly received. It can be said, has been associated with childhood Doraemon generation of 8x, 9x of Vietnam by almost no one is to know and love this adorable robotic cat. When TV and the Internet has grown extensively, the young Vietnam starting to Doraemon and response through a different form, which is the animation series of short and long Doraemon ice age movies by Japanese manufacturers. The first episode of the short Doraemon cartoon series was released in Japan in the 1970s, with each episode lasting from 6 to 15 minutes, then to 1979 and is now producing a new animated actually cause Doraemon the favorite fever. So far, short of Doraemon cartoon series is broadcast ice age movies to more than formal training in 1700. Each episode Doraemon often achieve very high rate of people watching and is one of the factors that help promote the development of Japanese animation. In Vietnam, Doraemon cartoon series is broadcast on the national television channel VTV1 and VTV3. No different than in Japan, Vietnam and the audience embrace this animated ice age movies episode very warmly. As for the term genre, since 1980 until now, each year Japan will produce 1 long film of Doraemon ice age movies (2005 only have not), each set from 100 to 120 minutes, ice age movies talking about adventures up to the magical world of fantasy ice age movies and Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gouda, Suneo. Due to technical and production technology of Japanese animation has made tremendous strides last so long trend of Doraemon movie remake began in 2006 was launched to meet the love of the fans fake TV and modern cinema. Since 2006 until now, the long-continued episode aired regularly, and it is also intended to have been long cherished by the author Fujimoto. 30 long films about Doraemon In this episode, Doraemon, Nobita and his friends went back to the era of the dinosaurs, ice age movies or to the distant planet of the galaxy, adventure in the African jungle, then dive down to the bottom of the sea where humans have never set foot in the U.S. ... In the adventure, not least the film is based on legends, myths of humanity into Baghdad from the Persian country mysterious underwater city of Atlantis in the legend, and the story of the country to the West China majestic ... When made into a TV series and movies, Doraemon remained attractive as the original version of the comic artist Fujiko F. Fujio, even popular Doraemon contribute more broadly in society. If the comic version is considered the factors promoting reading, to learn from the culture of children's books as well as youth, the film version helps the audience feel the humanity and
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