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Bruno Bianchi, viewers around the world know her name, even without having paid attention. sarasota

This is again a very sad news that fell this morning: the disappearance of Bruno Bianchi, the creator of Inspector Gadget, sarasota county property search one of the most prominent pioneers of cartoon television in France, who has participated in a significant number success on the small screen, including some who will tell you many things: Jayce and the conquerors of the Light, the capers, MASK, Iznogoud (TV series), the adventures of Carlos ... Recently it was the adventure of WITCH Joel, who participates with me podcast and writer Pierre Serisier cartoons, wrote a short text that honors the memory of Bruno Bianchi. For my part, I met there seven years, at conferences in Angouleme, and he was extremely friendly, accessible and forthcoming about his experience. Hi, Bruno!

Joel: "Well, sarasota county property search no, it's not laugh every day in Toons There are even days when we do sketch polite smiles to validate a gag, where we welcome a nice sequence board of. a simple nod of the chin. few hours after Shingo Araki was lost Bruno Bianchi. Lost is the right word because he missed by everyone who knew him one day. We miss him already.

Bruno Bianchi, viewers around the world know her name, even without having paid attention. sarasota county property search First, because it is one of the dads and the creator of the famous Inspector Gadget episodes which have toured the world and then because it was originally and controls dozens of other series animation. Bruno was always smiling, charming and above all always available and attentive, sarasota county property search almost always concluding the debate with the great idea that solves the problem. Pioneer of animation in France, he is one of those who made the metamorphosis of a craft industry. In Saban (later SIP suite), Bruno received

everyone and to meet him, it was enough to pass. And he has seen, Bruno. It can not be inspired everyone, but everyone has something. Me first, because he taught me all full of "stuff" and has always given me confidence, even when I was a beginner awkward.

In this video, we can see that he really

had not "big head" and you can once again see his mischievous smile. After, there will be memories that will be repeated for years, there will be tributes because we will not let anyone forget it and feel its influence still long for some filmmakers. But right now, we mainly think of his family and loved ones.

And on Monday, I promise, we deliver twice the dose of gags in our scripts, two additional tranches spectacular in our boards, twice more ideas in our animations. A blow for Araki, a blow to Bianchi. "

Updated Sunday, December 4 (commentary source blog): Bruno Bianchi's funeral will be held Tuesday, December 6 at 15:00 in the hall of the dome of P re Lachaise. Family, his funeral organizers want the largest possible number of friends, colleagues, neighbors, fans of the 80s to witness all the emotion of a brutal death. Room of the dome: http://crematorium-perelachaise.fr/pcoordonneeshorairesetacces47.html

Sad news indeed. It was for me a name in a generic, but not mine, it was part of my childhood and that of millions of others ... should get used to that generation of artists and authors have illuminated much of our lives to go out ...

Another old friend who left us ... tender affection of his wife and children ... there are no words.

It's true, I plug it a big hit. I met Bruno 19 years at the IUT of Tours where we did our research and we had created a newspaper comic strip "SIGHT" then we had an award for a comic who called himself "Even sarasota county property search hell is breathe "which is at Angouleme museum. We had lost sight of since 1990, but memories from 1973 and 199! Hello my friend, my brother and a good trip in behind the scenes. Your writer Philippe youth became University sarasota

county property search Professor

Philippe, Bruno's death my file a sacred shock because it happened barely 24 hours after that of another sarasota

county property search great leader FROM WHICH Bruno was working on Gadget, Shingo Araki (Seiya). Two great talents who are leaving us, but fortunately we still have their works immortal ... And thank you to you to have me present this wonderful boy that was Bruno. For it is also thanks to him (and you, indirectly), I became what I am today and I can work on this for
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