Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beauty in Disguise

This pie is an aesthetic disaster boasting thrown together pastry, an oozing filling and less than perfect crimping.All this, however, can be immediately disregarded upon initial tasting. Melt in the mouth pastry encasesperfectly slow cooked beef, nutty mushrooms and a thick indulgent sauce to form this rustic creation; it's the ultimate comfort food.

For the pastry: 400g plain flour, 250g butter (cubed and cold), 1 egg beaten, 2 tbsp cold water.

1) Crumb the butter and flour, keeping it as cold as possible, then add the egg and water and mix with a knife until it forms a doughy ball.

2) Cut the dough into thirds. One third will be used for the lid and the other two for the base.

For the Filling: 750g chuck steak/beef, 3 tbsp flour, 2 onions (chopped), 2 garlic cloves, 150ml red wine, 2tsp worcestershire sauce, 500ml beef stock, 1 bay leaf, 25g butter, 250g mushrooms.

1) Brown the beef in a pan and turn into a casserole dish with the flour.

2) In the empty pan, cook the onions and garlic then add the wine and worcestershire sauce and boil. Turn this saucy mixture onto the beef. Add the stock and bay leaf to the beef too then put alid on it and cook for an hour and a half at 150.

3) Cook the mushrooms in butter and add to the beef. Cook for a further 30 minutes.

4) Line the pie dish with2/3 pastry (should be about half 5mm thick). Pour the filling into the case and cover the pie with the remaining 1/3 pastry. Crimp the edges and cook for half an hour at 210 or until golden brown.

5) I served my pie with parsley tossed carrots, mint peas and a thick gravy.

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