Sunday, October 27, 2013

About Hani


Name: Hani Pham (Ph m Ng n HHani)

Birthplace, birthday: Hanoi, Vietnam, December 11, 1992

Habitation: Budapest, Hungary

Introduction: an ordinary daydreaming girl who's a bit introvert and insecure but open-minded to try new things and tries to make her life whole with doing things she likes but to live up to the expectations while balancing education and privacy in her extraordinary world

Languages: Hungarian, Vietnamese, English, French

Motto: I keep my feet on the ground and my mind over the stars.

Interests:baking by designgastronomy photography, artsmedia, movies, cinema, theatreclothes, fashionDIY, interior decoratingall kinds of music, piano+guitartravel, exploring new placescute things, pets, animalsswimming, cycling, RGMaths, Psychology (but only in small portions) :D

Contact:e-mail: skype: hanipham92to order a design cake, please e-mail me on facebook for more details:

couchsurfing: Hani Pham


The title of the blog came from "sweet like honey". My name (Hani) sounds like the word honey, so I wanted to put it into the blog title to make it more personal. :) ...and of course because I'm sweet and I know it! :D, just kidding! :P

The "ancestor" of this blog is my old blog (), but I've found it too messy and I've got bored of that style, but I wanted to keep it as a memory. So I decided to create a new blog (Sweet Like Hani) with a new individual style which is like a website and blog at the same time to make order everything I like to do as hobby. I always wanted an animated Hani popping up in the corner of the webpage. I just call it "hanimation", haha! :)) Sorry if "hanimation" pops up too often and it can be annoying, but I'm still very amateur with HTML codes...and it's maybe a little bit sick...but actually I like watching it jumping up to say hello with a peace and strained smile. LOL! :D :D

I'm addicted to everything that demands creativity, especially baking, because I can try new recipes, sculpting, painting, drawing and designing new ideas while making the world sweeter. I didn't learn baking in any baking courses and I've never been in any baking lessons (maybe once...), I only experiment every design cake in my home kitchen since 2008. I want to share my addictions with you guys on my blog, I hope you'll find something you can enjoy! Feel free to e-mail me and ask anything about my blog.

I've switched off the comment boxes under each post because I'd like to see your comments in one place. :) I appreciate if you comment in my , follow me by and click fb like. It would be a pleasure to see some feedbacks from my readers/followers. Thank you so much for the supports!

Peace and love! ^-^

(c) Please, don't publish photos and text from this blog without my permission. Thank you!
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