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The few in the world

The few in the world - communism in selected countries still maintain their strong hold, among them China, magazine parent Laos, Vietnam, North Korea is also the name of Cuba. July 26, 1953-December 1956 to topple Batista left Cuba Jankranti Fljensio the tyrant emperor, led by Fidel Castro succeeded in establishing a democratic government. Then in 1961 he was a communist country. Generals in the Cuban Revolution Fidel played a heroic and visionary, who understands our nation's rule popular passions and ultimately defeating the enemy makes an efficient strategy Lokonmuki the castle offers speed by socio-economic changes. But the Latin American countries, including Cuba, to create an atmosphere of Jankranti, commander of Castro play a leading role side by side, people expect the changes to speed up the unique work of Ernesto Che Guevara did, it is a rare example . Che's popularity

is greater evidence that the U.S. imperialists and what can be better than he was struggling Ajnm, the Che companies to capitalize on the enormous popularity vest, underwear, glasses, etc. The large range of consumer Samrgi named after him in removes lives. Gramshi Che Guevara was not as talented, but her fame was even bigger than Fidel Castro. That is why the famous 'Time' magazine Che world of the twentieth century - have been included in over twenty-five most popular talents. In other talents Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson

Mandela, leaders etc are included.

His full name was Ernesto Che Guevara. But he is only seeking 'Che' used to call. Little familiarity with the spoken word to convey meaning - 'our', our own. Addressing this very closely and fucking. Che was known to his peers of the same name. His born June 14, 1928 was at a place called Rosario, Argentina. Father Ernesto Guevara Lynch. Mother's name was - Celia de la Serna these Llosa. According to some scholars, the real Ernesto Born May 14, 1928 was. To hide the fact that Ernesto's mother was pregnant at the time of marriage, a month after her birth date was postponed. Che her parents was the largest of the five children. Parents,

both houses

of Argentina was distinguished. Father

was of Irish origin, while the mother was concerned magazine parent by the renowned family of Spain. His family never Argentina was among wealthy families, but Ernesto had weakened their economic status at birth. Even if their ideal and commitments were undone. Ernesto's father was a strong supporter of Jankranti of Spain. Family steeped in the ideology of revolutionary Ernesto received his early childhood rite of compassion magazine parent for the poor. Three things if he received as a gift. First his fiery, stubborn and fickle nature, second and third fervent asthma disease survivor. Taking the proud father of Ernesto hotheaded son occasionally retort - "People know it well that my son's veins runs the blood of the Irish rebels." Mother Celia woman - were supporters of freedom and socialist ideology. Ernesto took the father and mother of the rebellious tone socialist, Female - Swatntrywadi inspiration. But he suffered as a child, which was not very easy. Inspired by the death of her own life was a struggle. Baby Ernesto was just 40 days, when surrounded by her pneumonia, she died - escaped death. He was only two years old when May 2, 1930, faced her first attack of asthma. The next three years, if asthma is riding on his chest. Visited almost magazine parent every day, every day, listen to Gage's death, to death on his own knockdown of spunk. It got her initial training magazine parent in guerrilla death. Parents are sad state of Ernesto innocent. They could not do anything on helplessly. From there they traveled on the advice of doctors. Again and again change magazine parent the location. Perhaps somewhere to relax the child Ernesto. Provide consistent treatment. Finally had some success in a changing place. Was a small town near the city of Cordoba, Alta Garcia. Ernesto between dry climate there was some relief. Parents' care and affection

- even devotion worked. If asthma is not complete calm, but must have lost his wrath. This was the period when his mother made him an opportunity to understand more closely. Due to weak to go to school so it was not possible for him. The mother had taught him at home. Ernesto became the partner magazine parent of the mother, they were books. Books used to come home to socialist ideology. Own mother was a bluestocking. Father lived out frequently on business. Strokes her son's chest - strokingly mother Celia was asleep on her bed at night. Ernesto

started to prosper from their secluded books. Ernesto Garcia climate

of Alta proved so favorable to the health of his parents was not possible for him to leave. The greater part of his childhood was spent in the town. The father magazine parent took his business to stay here. Mother devoted himself to the care of their children has proven good mother. Ernesto's brother - sisters lived and survived the peaceful and full of affection, active life ahead of him could ever be possible. magazine parent Private rooms dedicated his goal of Che
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