Saturday, July 27, 2013

Did I mention I hate moving?

I hate moving. Hate it. I hate packing everything up, carting it somewhere else, then having to unpack it all and put it away.

Yeah, it's a good opportunity to get rid of clutter, but I still hate the actual, physical move part of moving. Even if I am moving to a beautiful place.

I used to live in central Florida, and despite being there in a difficult situation, there was a lot I loved about the area. Now that I'm going down under different circumstances, I'm optimistic that it will be a much better situation.

I'm not buying a house right away. It's not the right time for me to do that, especially since I have a very particular vision of what my house will look like, and I'm going to wait until I find it rather than settling for something else just so I can get into a place. I'm happy to rent for now.

So, as part of my efforts to keep my eye on the sunny side, I'm trying to remember all the good things about moving so I don't get frustrated with the actual transition.


I'm trying to use the moving process as a chance to get rid of a lot of the clutter I have. There are things that moved from Florida to Illinois that I haven't used, things the kids have outgrown, and things I don't love/use anymore. Anything I don't use, need, or love is not making the trip. This is a new chapter in my life, so I'm making a conscious effort to make a fresh start with my new home, as well.

In addition to the physical fresh start of getting rid of clutter and moving to a new home, I'm looking forward to the emotional/mental fresh start that's coming with moving. I'll be at the beginning of my new career as an (though really, this is what I've been doing almost since I graduated college), in a new community, in a new chapter of my life. A fresh start can do wonders for the spirit.


For one thing, I don't like being cold. I struggle through winters in the Midwest because of it. Winter affects my mood (and not positively). The good news is that, usually, the coldest weather in Florida is like fall or early spring in Illinois, so I'll feel much better.

I can wear sandals (and go barefoot) much more of the year, too. I hate wearing shoes (even cute ones), and I absolutely refuse to wear socks (even cute ones). I own exactly three pairs of socks, and two pairs of little sock-lette things to wear with dress shoes. I would love to never wear socks again.

I've also struggled with seasonal allergies since returning to Illinois. That won't be an issue when I move back to Florida. I will be glad to be rid of itchy eyes, a runny nose, and endless sneezing, that's for sure.


Since I'm working from home, I have the ability to work from anywhere. That means that the kids and I can take trips more often, and even if the kids are with Monty, I can travel more, too.

Of course, there are big trips I want to take at some point, like going back to Europe, and going to Australia. But I'm talking specifically about shorter trips, like visiting my family in Illinois, or spending a weekend at the beach.

While I really loved the job I had for the past year, what I'm doing now is where my heart is. I love working from home and having a flexible schedule. As a single mom with two young munchkins (Puck is starting pre-K this fall), I love that I'll be able to take the kids to activities, be at all their practices and recitals and games and competitions, and even volunteer at their school if I want to.

I'm going to end the year well. And 2014 is going to be spectacular.
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