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Comic Industry Reacts ToMaking Mike Marvel

So MIKE MARTS is a new Executive Editor of Marvel. Which also answers the question that began "Now with STEVE WACKER leaving " So what did everyone have to say?


"Mike Marts follows the First Rule Of Editorial:Make it better!I'm not sure what being an executive editor entails but I'm sure he's going to rock out."

RT Mike Marts Leaves Batman Comics To Be Marvel s All-New Executive Editor Congrats to my friend

-- Tony Daniel (@TonyDanielx2)

Now this is some great news! My old editor is back, congrats Mike!

-- Mark Brooks (@MarkBrooksArt)

That's how I feel, too. Sad on one side, excited on the other. Either way, congrats, Mike!Congrats to . If Sunday goes his way, this will be known forever as WEEKEND OF MARTS.Huge congrats to the first person in the comic industry to welcome me as a friend almost 10 years ago, on the new Marvel gig!

-- Lucas Siegel (@LucasSiegel)

Congratulations, ! I look forward to more fun stuff to read, just with a different company logo.

-- bobgreenberger (@bobgreenberger)

Whoooaaaaa Mike Marts going to Marvel. No clue how DC is going to replace him.

-- Patrick Thrillems (@patrickhwillems)

Wowthis is a big deal. Congrats and good wishes to .

-- Cully Hamner (@CullyHamner)

": Jeez, that was a long bathroom break you took, ! Back to work then!" I got a little sidetracked on my way backWelcome back . Great to have you back were you belong brutha. Now get to work!!!Truth is, I had Marts in the pool to LEAVE DC at the derby at last weekend. WIN!!

-- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld)

I can't thank enough. A fantastic editor who I owe everything to. Very excited for him!

-- Kyle Higgins (@KyleDHiggins)

. hired some crazy kid from Iowa to be his assistant on the Bat-books and she'll never forget that. ;)

-- Janelle Asselin (@gimpnelly)

I think was the first Marvel editor I ever metshowed him my portfolio when I was just a junior in art school.

-- Paolo Rivera (@PaoloMRivera)

Dear friend was the very first editor I worked w at DC (on THE BLACK MIRROR, last pre-New52 Detective run) & coincidentally.. 1/2

-- FrancescoFrancavilla (@ffrancavilla)

2/2he was also the last I worked w @ DC, just a 2 months ago, on my first written/drawn Bat story. Thanks, MM, wish you all the best :)

-- FrancescoFrancavilla (@ffrancavilla)

Yes, the boys that plunged Wizard magazine down the drain are now your top fax-firing editors!!

-- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld)

gave me a shot on DETECTIVE COMICS, feature & backup, when I was no one. He has nurtured me every step of the way in Gotham (1/?)

-- Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835)

from Black Mirror to now. Could not be more grateful to him for his friendship and mentorship. He's a permanent part of the DNA of Gotham

-- Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835)

- a part of the deepest architecture. Lots of love and support for him at his new gig! Always in your corner, Mike, & wishing you the best!

-- Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835)

Image will be #2 in the next few years. Also, Snyder can now ask for a CAJEEEEEELION DOLLARS to stay and save them! Back up the truck Scott!

-- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld)

I will miss working with like Batman misses punching people in the head.

-- TIM SEELEY (@HackinTimSeeley)

Re mike marts: holy shit

-- David Uzumeri (@DavidUzumeri)

Welcome to ! Man, it's been ages since our days at Acclaim! Nice to be on the same side again. :-)Big congrats to ! Some great news there.

-- Nick Spencer (@nickspencer)

Well done on the new gig!What's the company called again ?Big congrats on your new gig, Mike!

-- Sterling Gates (@sterlinggates)

Big congrats to for his new role at Marvel! One of the absolute best guys to work for. GREAT NEWS! =)

-- Nathan Fairbairn (@nathanfairbairn)

congrats, man!

-- Joey Esposito (@joeyesposito)

WELCOME BACK !!!!Congrats ! What a great opportunity loved everything you worked on at The House of Ideas back in the day excited for your return!

-- Ben Abernathy (@BenAbernathy)

Wow. joining is freaking huge.

-- Brian Truitt (@briantruitt)

Wow. joining is freaking huge.

-- Brian Truitt (@briantruitt)

SuperCongratulations to on his new gig! He will be hugely missed in Gotham, but I can't wait to see what he does next!

-- James Tynion IV (@JamesTheFourth)

That guy may be a coward and a traitor, but he sure is handsome. Farewell, congrats, and thanks!!

-- Chris Burnham (@TheBurnham)

Congrats on big move! Now who will fill his shoes as DC's Batman Editor .

-- Jill Pantozzi (@JillPantozzi)

Welcome back,

-- axel alonso (@axelalonsomarv)

For those who don't know is a huge, huge gets for . One of the best in the business.

-- Joshua Hale Fialkov (@JoshFialkov)

I agree. Very saddened but also so happy for Mike and his family. Mike, your the best, and I'll miss youI never saw eye to eye on everything with Mike Marts but dude is a stand out talent and brand manager and now he's free from the loons at DC

-- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld)

Congratulations to , a stand up guy and one of the very best editors I worked with at DC.Sorry to hear leaves DC. Has been great working with you. Best of luck!Amazing score for Marvel to get as Exec Editor. I'm not sure Mike will like that 'seasoned veteran' line on CBR though :D

-- Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar)

today's mike marts news did make me realize you could basically do jerry maguire with comic book editors instead of sports agents

-- Tom Spurgeon (@comicsreporter)

Let me tell you, DC is HURTING!!! Mike Marts was their best editor by far and away and he's back at Marvel!!!

-- robertliefeld (@robertliefeld)

Congrats ! Great to have you at Marvel.

-- Mahmud Asrar (@MahmudAsrar)

": I want to congratulate on his new job at Marvel!" I'm gonna miss you so much, dude!!": doesn't he know to make reservations if he wants to use a stall? We have a system!" You'll have to loan me the owners manual!": It's been an honor and a privilege to work with on Batman. Thanks for everything, boss.Go Broncos!" YES, GO BRONCOS!!
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