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Bleeding Cool Bestseller List

This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the "Wednesday Warriors", those who can't wait to the weekend to get this week's comics. We salute you, and the keeness you bring to your passion.

Superior Spider-Man still tops the chart - can you believe Marvel will cancel this title in favour of mealy mouthed, wishy washy liberal do gooder Peter Parker? It also beats Marvel's second Part One of the Trial Of Jean Grey, with Saga cementing its place in the comics landscape in third placealso note the launch of the new Serenity comic places on the chart, with East Of West close behind. Four for Marvel, three for DC, two for Image, one for Dark Horse.

* Superior Spider-Man #26

* Guardians of the Galaxy #11

* Saga #18

* Uncanny Avengers #16

* Thor God of Thunder #18

* Batman & Robin Annual #2

* Serenity Leaves on the Wind #1

* East Of West #9

* Earth 2 Annual #2

* Damian Son of Batman #4

Thanks to the following retailers:

*of Ankeny, Iowa

*of San Diego, California

*of McMurray, Pennsylvania

*of Rochester, New Hampshire

*of Tulsa, Oklahoma

*of Highland Park, New Jersey

*with nine stores across Illinois

*of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

* of Phoenix, Arizona

Who had to say

Great week of comics for a fifth ship week. Serenity sold better than expected, but not out. Marvel took the top 4 spots on our top ten, DC took the rest. Saga and East Of West from Image should always ship in the same week. It took Eclipse only 6 comics to reprint the black and white Miracleman stories in color. Marvel is padding their reprints with, sketches, articles and black and white reprints from the 50 s Marvelman series, so it may take them maybe 8 or 9 issues.

Saga #18 was almost the #1 book of the week for us, which would have been nice. Guess we'll have to wait another 3 months to see if it can do it when it returns..

I enjoyed the comments from customers as to why Guardians of the Galaxy had a big #1 on the cover when it was actually part 2 of the Trial of Jean Grey. DC Annuals performed very well. Miracleman #2 is selling at less than half of #1 so far. I think having the back half black and white reprints again may have killed it. $5 for 22 pages of stuff they actually want to read is too much. They will also pass on the $30 HCs and wait for the eventual TP collecting the whole Moore story.

Saga keeps climbing the sales charts here in the shop. It's now our third most subscribed to book! That's HUGE for an Image book that isn't Walking Dead. Black Science continues to scoop up more readers and was definitely one of the most talked about books in the shop this week. Image all around had customers talking this week, with Invincible, Revival, Thief of Thieves & East of West.

Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel continues to sell better and better and now with the All-New X-men crossover, it's hit fever pitch. Lots of talk about the movie too.

Been a big week for Deadly Class #1 here. Apparently people are finally reading all the reviews and flooding in here to make sure they get a first print copy.

Thunderbolts sold out already. Thankfully there are more on hand for reorders. Its sales are still increasing issue to issue. Ed Benes doing the art on Superman was a good boost. Good strong sales this week.

Finally got more Deadpool back issues along with Deadpool variant covers on various other titles and with in a week a majority of them are now sold. Older Worlds Finest issues is starting to see some movement. Maybe thanks to the upcoming Superman Batman movie hype?

All about Image Comics this week. Sold out on Saga and Black Science both. However Guardians of the Galaxy was still the king of the mountain with the most overall sold.

Image titles also sold great in the back-issue bins. Witchblade,Gen 13 and Spawn was sought after by a least half dozen people. I think middle age customers are finding their child hood favorites.
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