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ABC Awards Nomination~!

So the lovely tagged me in this other blog award thing doing the rounds - which handily gives me something to write about this week ..even if it is just about me yet again .pretty sure everyone is bored of me talking about myself at this stage, but meh.

So the rules are:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.

2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Simple enough I suppose, so here we go!


I gravitate towards characters that occupy the moral gray area ..or are just straight antagonists.I hugely enough watching characters that are just massive egotistical bastards who expertly twist things to suit themselves.It is just so much more satisfying than watching the same old goodie-goodie white knight routine most protagonists stick to.Give me characters like Light, Lelouch and Izaya any day of the week!

B - BL

If I'm watching a show with multiple male characters in it, chances are pretty good that I'm shipping at least two of them.I tend to splurge on BL manga and doujins every few months, reading loads of them and then stopping for a few months - and repeat.I've also watched pretty much every anime tagged BL/yaoi on MAL & A-P and pounce on anything new that comes out.I'm not obessed, but I really enjoy some BL goodness.


I can not live without chocolate.This is a fact.I get ridiculously bitchy if I haven't had some chocolately goodness in my daily life - I honestly do think I'm addicted.There are worse things I could be addicted to really.


My default clothing option.I have a closet full of dresses and struggle to construct an outfit that doesn't feature them that isn't sweatpants or PJs.I just love uber girly clothes (although saying that I don't like frills or pastel colours) will also struggle to find anything that isn't black, purple, green or blue in my wardrobe.


My default shopping choice.I'm quite happy to go out to the shops and try on stuff, see things I want etc - but I'll rarely buy them.Rather I prefer to go home and trawl eBay for the same things, except cheaper ..every penny I save counts!


Swear word of choice - it's as flexible as fuck, but is nice and mild, so no one gets offended and tells me to watch my language even if I use it in work.Bonus.


I have a ridiculous nervous giggle.I really can't stop it and it is kind of annoying to me.I swear I giggle at everything, it is like my body's default response whenever I open my mouth!I've always been a cheerful, giggly person - but this is one bad verbal tic I need to get under control.although the more aware of it I am, the worse it seems to get.


I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd.While I have yet to manage to make it to an anime convention, prior to the release of the Deathly Hallows I went to a HP convention in Chicago .that's how big a HP geek I was.The obsession has cooled off since I didn't much like the final book, but I still have a lot of love for the series.


I'm from Northern Ireland but I live a stones throw from the border - I can see the Republic from my window.While I am the first to admit there is bugger all here and the economy is made of shite, I still can't really see myself settling elsewhere.I think even if I moved abroad for a few years, I'd still end up back in Ireland eventually ..although saying that you can't avoid Irish people abroad, we're everywhere!


I swear I am part magpie.I adore shiny things - my jewellery boxes (yes multiple) are overflowing with pieces.I pick up jewellery wherever I go - it is like my go to souvenir.From my trip last year I now have pearls and jade from China, opals from Australia and pendants from Japan & the US.My jewellery obsession is probably my Mother's fault - she's even worse than me.


Current favourite alcoholic beverage.Oh how I missed it when I was travelling - stuff was ludicrously expensive in Australia!It is Swedish cider and comes in a variety of flavour combinations - so sweet and refreshing ..and yet is 4% vol and gets me pleasantly buzzed quite quickly. Yum.


My other major fandom - I am a huge Tolkien nerd, my online name even comes from Tolkien elvish meaning "red maiden".I've read the main three LOTR books every year for the past 15 years and still haven't gotten bored of them - this is a lifelong love.


I'm definitely more of a fan of Real Robot mecha series the Super Robot genre - I haven't actually seen very many Super Robot shows if I'm honest.But chances are that if there is a mecha show airing in any given season, I'll be watching it.There is just something satisfying about watching giant mecha beat the crap out of each other.Although it is all the other trappings of the genre that also really draws me to the genre .like all those shippable pilots and their delicious angst.


I like to keep my tails stupidly long.So long they often interfere with my ability to type - which is usually the only thing that can convince me it is time cut them.I also can't stand having my nails unpolished - they feel naked without a lick of polish.I have no idea why I'm so pernickity about my nails, but this has been the case since I was a child so I don't think I'll grow out of it.


As you may have already realised, if I'm enamoured of something, I'm likely to get very obsessed with it.This is one of the primary reasons why I refuse to dive into gaming - it is something I know I'd enjoy, but is also something I know would spiral out of control and take over my life.Trying to keep my OCD impulses for watching ALL THE THINGS with anime is difficult enough!


My favourite colour, and again, it is something of a problem.I didn't really realise I owned so much purple until it was pointed out to me at work, "you're always very co-ordinated!"Purple coat, gloves, scarf, hat, umbrella, phone, purse - you name the accessory, chances are I have it and it is purple.It affects my jewellery too - I have more amethyst than I really know what to do with!I gravitate towards the colour without really realising it, a concious effort needs to be made to buy a different colour (although lately that has just meant I've bought a load of green stuff instead!).


I don't watch much TV - basically quiz shows and cooking shows are all I bother with. (Q is a fecking difficult letter!!)


Well my doctor and physios have just taken to referring to my long history of stabbing pain in my neck, right shoulder and arm as RSI, because they honestly have no idea what actually causes it.If you've followed me for any amount of time you've probably heard enough about my woes - when it is bad I can't type at all and blogging goes out the window.Things are steadily getting worse again at the moment since I'm back in full-time work.I think I'm medically allergic to work.


I have a huge weakness for big shounen shows - I just find them a massive amount of fun and really enjoy the immersive worlds they create.It is probably something similar to my preference for fantasy novels spanning several books - I just like following characters on a longer adventure in an interesting world is pure escapism.


Have one of a dragon on my ankle - would like another, much geekier one of , but have yet commit to idea fully.Maybe if I still fancy it in a few years I'll do it.


Another tough letter, but UtaPri songs (and cheesy J-Pop in general) occupy a rather frequently visited folder of my iTunes playlist and I find them to be ludicrously catchy and fun.


If there's no Kopparberg to be had or I don't want to be sitting drinking a massive pint for whatever reason, chances are I'll be drinking vodka instead.Although I generally hate myself the next morning - vodka hangovers are crafted by Satan himself in the deepest depths of Hades.


Despite my taking a year off to see some of the world, my wanderlust hasn't abated any .in fact it has probably gotten worse.I really want to take off again!


A brief glance at my blog will enlighten you to my love of this CLAMP series.The beautiful artwork, the mysterious atmosphere and of course the intriguing characters, make this one of my all time favourite manga series.


I'm horribly out of shape due to a storied history of bad lifestyle choices and medication.I tend to try fad diets for a month or two before lapsing back into old habits.Since I lost quite a bit of weight through pure poverty & starvation in Australia, I've made a much bigger effort to change my eating habits now - still can't live without chocolate though.


I love my sleep.I am like a harpy if I don't get 6 hours unbroken sleep a night - I'd like a few more hours, but given the fact I'm generally more of night person, forcing myself to sleep around midnight to get up for 7am means that 6hrs is what I average on a daily basis.I try to recoup missed hours at the weekend though, rarely emerging from my boudoir before brunch.And that's that - some letters where really tough and I had multiple options for some as well!Anyway I'll just tag a few people ..
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